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So what’s the deal with all of these clays? Clays for Hair Loss and How They Help with LLLT!

The hair loss internet world has endured spectacular claims about clays for hair loss. However, once you separate the fact from the fiction, there are still very solid reasons that most people suffering from MPB would probably have some benefit from using this simple treatment.

These reasons are analyzed, and instructions are given on how you can make this treatment right in your own home.

Also, LLLT users get an invaluable benefit from using clay as a "pre-shower topical", and I'll explain why in this two part video news article.
Clays for hair loss -fact, fiction, and an added benefit for LLLT / laser therapy users!
Two part video in this article!!!


As of 2016, Women make up at least 25% of my customers --and maybe as high as a solid 1/3rd! I'm so glad that more and more women are finding out about this GREAT treatment!!!
Laser Therapy / LLLT for Women's Hair Loss with a professional device: After the 36th treatment, 97% of the subject population demonstrated an increased hair count of ≥20%. A total of 89% of all subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of ≥30%, with 57% demonstrating an increased hair count of ≥50%. NO ONE can deny those numbers!!!

...and my Laser Messiah II that I can build for YOU to use in your OWN HOME uses the exact same diodes! Yeah, that means you can get these results, too. If you were waiting for a sign from above -especially if you are female- this is it...
FDA Clearance for a FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS laser device -and the Laser Messiah II uses the exact same diodes!
Professional devices, professional results! You can get these results AT HOME with the Laser Messiah II!

The FLOWBEE…  A hair loss sufferer’s best friend! (Also a mention of Grapefruit Seed Extract)

I absolutely will make a video on this soon and go over some easy styles!
Every person fighting hair loss should own one! You can give yourself a stylish haircut that rivals any barber or Super Cuts, and you don't have to suffer the indignity of having someone messing with your balding head!

You how humiliating it can be getting a hair cut, so why not remove that from your life permanently!
The Flowbee is a hair loss sufferer's best friend!!!
I've been a proud Flowbee user since 2008 --that means that every picture you see me in, it's a Flowbee hair cut that I DID MYSELF!

OverMachoGrande has retired from [other] hair loss forums indefinitely!

You are welcome to email me at omg@overmachogrande.com, though!
Haven't seen me in forums lately? I build the greatest laser helmet for hair loss in the WORLD! ...That makes it a bit "unethical" or wrong or something for me to post anywhere else but my own sites and own forums!

I wish OTHER COMPETITORS felt the same way --I see them posting ALL THE TIME!!!
OverMachoGrande in a Hammock on Edisto Island, SC!
Edisto Island, SC. It's pronounced "EH-dist-o", not "eh-DISTO". It's Indian, not Spanish! :)
This is an old post that I re-upped to remind people that I really don't post in forums, so that might be why you don't see much from me!

Introducing the “Laser Messiah II” Hair Laser Helmet!  ...and I’ll make this one for you!

This was my original article from 2009 announcing that I was making the Laser Messiah II! This has great comparisons between the Laser Messiah I (the one you build with the free instructions) vs. the Laser Messiah II (the one I build, and the greatest laser helmet for hair loss that has ever been created!).

Check it out!!!
I make the laser helmet for hair loss that changed the world, The Laser Messiah II!
This is the helmet that totally BLEW AWAY the Laser Therapy Industry! To this day, there is still NOTHING that compares!!!

LLLT / Laser Therapy and Gray Hair: An unexpected Christmas present from my laser helmet to me!  ...Noticeable reduction of gray hair!

Gray hair reduction with laser therapy / LLLT has been reported for years with professional laser devices. I actually didn't know this when I first started, and this is the story of my unexpected surprise!
LLLT / Laser Therapy reduces gray hair!
It definitely took an entire year for me to notice this, but this is an exciting and unexpected benefit of laser therapy for hair loss for me!
This is an old article re-upped -and LLLT definitely reduces gray hair! I have another article coming soon -but until then, you can email me at omg@overmachogrande.com!

Switchable Zones and Soreness… an Added Benefit to Laser Therapy for Hair Loss (???)

Older article, and I will follow up with this more soon --It's really fascinating!
UPDATE: Since my foray into selling the world's greatest laser helmet for hair loss, the "Laser Messiah II", I have determined from a much larger "sample pool" that some of the concepts in this article are wrong (mainly: full coverage DOES give stimulation as much as zones) -but this "soreness thing" is still an interesting phenomenon!

Look for my upcoming article about "I no longer make switchable zones" for more info, and I have some updates in this article!!
Switchable Zones and Soreness -an added benefit?
In my opinion... one of the more interesting phenomena of Laser Therapy for Hair Loss!

What a FANTASTIC WEEK for the “common person” like you and me!

This is an old article from October 17th, 2008 that I wanted to "re-up" and transfer to the new site. It's a great reminder that even DOCTORS that you think would be on top of cutting-edge hair loss research can still be relentlessly unethical (and idiotic). Also, it showcases one of the worst-of-the-worst in deception and trickery from a mass-marketed inferior laser device manufacturer!

I no longer endorse “standard laser brushes” (or devices with ridiculously low numbers of diodes, for that matter!)

Professional results are achieved via COVERAGE, and getting the proper energy to the area of skin below the diode! The inferior devices just are not supported scientifically (they can't get into the proper "window of energy"), and even more importantly... there is just NO DANG SUCCESS STORIES with any of them in the forums! All I see is a lot of disappointment and anger -and even worse, CONFUSION.
This may seem OBVIOUS now, but I re-upped this so you can read why I finally had to announce this!

OverMachoGrande’s First Laser Helmet (The “Golden Boy”!)

I have fond memories of my "Golden Boy"! Obviously, this was nowhere near as effective as my Laser Messiah I or Laser Messiah II -but 68 diodes in a moveable cluster is enough to get your foot in the door! Plus, this thread has some nostalgic value for me, so I'm leaving it in place!
OverMachoGrande's first laser helmet for hair loss -the Golden Boy!
Yes. Like I said, this was stolen by CHORE BOY! Give it back to me, man!!! I *will* find you! :)

The Original Laser Brush Instructions

This is purely for educational purposes! We ALL KNOW that you are wasting your time and money without a FULL COVERAGE professional laser device like my Laser Messiah II!
Build your own laser brush or comb instructions.
For Educational Purposes Only!

SUPPLIES: Laser Diodes

Basically, 5mW/650nm with REMOVEABLE LENS CAPS is what you are looking for!
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