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Part II - Additional Common Diode Patterns for the Laser Messiah LLLT / Laser Therapy Helmet for Hair Loss!

Additional common coverage patterns that I make for the Laser Messiah II, the world's greatest laser helmet for hair loss!
This helmet is fully-customizable! ...but I have established some great tried-and-true patterns over the years that will fit most needs!
Underside of a 400 diode Laser Messiah laser helmet for hair loss
After making the world's greatest laser helmet for a good few years now and discussing patterns with literally hundreds and hundreds of people, I have come up with some other common patterns that fit many people's needs!

Remember, though... this is the ONLY LASER HELMET FOR HAIR LOSS in the ENTIRE WORLD that is fully-customizable, so do not feel locked into these patterns! These are just guidelines --although they are "tried and true"! Absolutely contact me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com if you have any questions at all! Also, we can do an "advance sending" of the helmet part so you can get it in your hands, try it on your head, and see how many you need!

So, actually, over the past couple of years, two of the patterns listed here --the 334 and the 418-- have become tied for my second most popular helmets that I make! I personally use the 418, and I'll go into all of this below!

Ok, let me show you additional wiring options that I regularly do! You are probably already familiar with the typical 300/366/400 diode patterns from this link here:

Common Patterns for the Laser Messiah Laser Helmet for Hair Loss: 300/366/400 diode footprints explained!
My first article on my most common patterns!

334 Diode Pattern

As I have stated before, far and away the most common helmet I make is the 300 diode helmet. However, there are many people that express interest in adding more diodes to the back (even more than the 400 would offer, but without the side yellow zones). Therefore, the 334 diode pattern was born!

In the picture below, if you look at the RED ZONE plus the RED DOTS in the rear, that's the 334 diode pattern:

334 diode helmet --the extra 34 diodes on the rear radically increase rear coverage!
This RADICALLY increases the rear coverage of the helmet, and if I was forced to only make one pattern --this would be it!

This actually extends the rear coverage pretty significantly, and I have yet to hear that someone needs it LOWER than this!!! So, if you have advanced crown/rear loss (but don't need the extra yellow side coverage or the blue wider crown coverage), then you might want to consider this because it adds A LOT more rear coverage than the 300. I consider this truly full coverage for most people, and if I had only one choice of helmet patterns I could make, that would be it!!!

352 Diode Pattern

With that same very same picture above, another fairly common pattern I make is the 352 diode pattern, which is the not only the RED ZONE and the RED DOTS, but it has the additional 18 diodes in the BLUE SECTIONS (9 extra on each side). That area equates to much WIDER CROWN COVERAGE.

That is really, really thorough crown coverage, and that would fully encompass most people's needs in that area. Again, this pattern doesn't have the yellow extra side coverage zones, though.

Patterns with the Extra Side Coverage

The Yellow Zone -increased side coverage!
The 418 and the 450 have the yellow zone!
The afformentioned 300 and 352 are the two main additional patterns that I make that don't contain that yellow section (which is 33 extra diodes on each side --66 total). The 400-and-up diode patterns, do --and again, if you need a refresher on that pattern, look at this link here! So, with these next patterns, we start with the 400's red/blue/yellow sections -but we increase the rear coverage as well!

I really hope my highlighted text doesn't make it more confusing (or make it a bad-looking page!), but I'm really trying to help you understand what the pattern consists of right away!!!

418 Diode Pattern (OMG's Helmet!)

A very common pattern I make is the 418 diode pattern (and this is what I use!), which is basically the RED, BLUE, and YELLOW sections of the of the 400, plus it brings down the rear of the helmet to same extended coverage as the 334 with the additional PURPLE DOTS here in this picture:

418 diode helmet --the extra rear coverage of the 334, plus the yellow and blue sections!
This is the helmet I use --and sometimes I'm "flush with diodes" and could add more, but I don't feel the need! This is A LOT of coverage!

This is actually the pattern that I, your humble servant, use --and since I make them, I could add more diodes, but I truly feel that this is all the diodes I need, and really thoroughly covers most anyone's loss patterns. Once again, I have yet to hear that it needs to be lower in the rear!

450 Diode Pattern

The maximum amount of diodes I like to put in helmets is 450 because of power supply considerations. Well, since I've upgraded the power supplies, it's more the helmet cord than the power supply itself, but it's also because having more than 450 will prevent you from upgrading to the PulseDrive at a later time (if you are interested in that, of course!).

The pattern I commonly make for the 450 diode is the RED ZONE, BLUE ZONE, YELLOW ZONE, PURPLE DOTS of the 418, and yes, the additional ORANGE AREAS in the picture (basically, every single thing you see colored!):

450 diode helmet --the extra rear coverage of the 334, plus the yellow and blue sections and the extra purple and orange dots!
This is the maximum amount I like to make (but we can talk about it at omg@​overmachogrande​.com -and the black line simply shows the center of the back of the helmet!

Yes, this is basically the 418 plus the additional orange area, and basically this "smooths out" the corners of the 418 and adds a little wider rear coverage! This is a beautiful helmet, and no -I will reiterate that it is absolutely not too much energy because we are spreading out the coverage when we add more diodes over a larger, proportionate area (no matter what the 21-diode, etc. competitors try to tell you).

Ok, contact me more about customization options/pricing/time, etc! I'm a nice guy, and I will always try to make it a good experience when you email me (which also means I'll NEVER contact you unsolicited or anything like that, and your privacy is absolutely guarded!).

-John Christian (O.M.G.)

PRO TIP: If you can use photoshop or any other graphic editor, you can take my original pictures from the 300/366/400 thread, put dots on those pictures, and that will help you communicate with me about your custom pattern!

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