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Pulsing Lasers with the Spectralight PulseDrive - ONLY FOR THE LASER MESSIAH II!!!

PulseDrive Introduction and Instructions Video, by John Steele
Video by John Steele on the Sprectralight PulseDrive --the greatest laser helmet in the world just got EVEN BETTER!
Note by OverMachoGrande -May 26th, 2016: The PulseDrive is currently out of stock! Fear not... there will be another order by the end of 2016/early 2017, the PulseDrive absolutely can be used with any Laser Messiah II that I make (meaning: it can be added at a later date without any problems, so you can get a Laser Messiah II NOW and then upgrade it to pulsing in the future!), and the Laser Messiah II with the existing original power supply is still the best laser helmet for hair loss in the world!

Please watch the video and read the article to find out how this can make the world's greatest laser helmet for hair loss EVEN BETTER!

Spectralight PulseDrive for the Laser Messiah Laser Helmet for Hair Loss --makes the world's best laser helmet EVEN BETTER!
The Spectralight Pulse unit is designed and manufactured by John Steele --it makes the best laser helmet even better!

Pulsing LLLT with the Spectralight PulseDrive™

This is the long awaited introduction and demo video of the soon-to-be-released Spectralight PulseDrive™ -which very well could be the future of laser therapy for hair loss, making one of the best tools in your fight even better.

This is only the first installment of information about this product and information on pulsing in general. We will soon gather all of the information about pulsing and put it in one article, as well as do further informational videos with more guests to speak about their thoughts/discoveries with pulsing.

The Spectralight PulseDrive is only a few more weeks away from being available for sale, and I'd imagine that the first product run will be sold out fairly quickly. Therefore, anyone interested in this device should go ahead and register here:
Spectralight.com.au Express Registration Form

Those on this list will not only be notified when the product is available, but they will receive other information about the device when it comes available (videos, studies, etc.).

Once the product is released, there will be a "Product Review" article on it so all of our experiences with this device will be in one spot. This will make it so the benefits will be much easier to track!

This device is designed to work with the Laser Messiah hair laser helmet, and further progresses it into a truly unique, unsurpassed professional device. As always, any upgrades will be backwards compatible to existing laser helmets -no one will be left behind.

These are EXTEMELY EXCITING TIMES in the world of fighting hair loss! I'm sure we can all agree that there is nothing wrong with making the best even better! I personally look forward to testing this unit myself, and I'm really proud to have this network set up where we can once again become forum pioneers of LLLT and do what the big companies failed to do years ago -which is bring us the best LLLT device possible.

-John Christian ("OverMachoGrande")
Editor, WorldHairLoss.org

Pulsing Lasers with the Spectralight PulseDrive -Intro and Demonstration Video starring John Steele

From the Spectralight.com.au Website:

Spectralight’s PulseDrive allows you too cheaply, easily and instantly, convert your existing constant wave laser helmet into a pulsed laser helmet. Just plug your existing laser helmet into PulseDrive and our Spectralight power adaptor and you're done!

Spectralight Technology

Spectralight specialises in the development and manufacture of pulse width modulated (PWM) laser drivers, designed to leverage the latest research into Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and maximise the biostimulation benefits of LLLT through the use of pulsed lasers.

Spectralight’s PulseDrive technology has been developed in conjunction with WorldHairLoss.org specifically for the Laser Messiah® laser helmet. PulseDrive is an affordable, high powered, pulse width modulated laser driver designed to deliver laser pulsing technology for your Laser Messiah® laser helmet. PulseDrive is capable of pulsing a single 5mW 3Volt laser or up to as many as five hundred 5mW 3Volt lasers! PulseDrive delivers commercial grade laser drive capability in a simple to use, low cost, home use device!

Laser Pulsing

A recent research article published in August 2010 in the Scientific and Clinical Journal "Lasers in Surgery and Medicine" concluded that “Constant wave light is the gold standard and has been used for all Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) applications. However, this review of the literature indicates that overall pulsed light may be superior to constant wave light with everything else being equal.”

Pulsed modalities of treatment have been employed for many years in numerous biomedical and physical therapy devices. Spectralight’s PulseDrive now brings this technology to you by allowing you to easily convert your existing constant wave laser helmet into a pulsed laser helmet.

Furthermore over time it is believed that the human body adjusts to any form of external stimulus, to combat this, some LLLT practitioners recommend using multiple stimulation frequencies. This has been taken into consideration in the development of PulseDrive by the incorporation of multiple frequency modes, giving you the ability to switch between frequencies and alter the biostimulation effect. Click here to read more about why pulsed lasers may out perform constant wave lasers.

Don't forget to address your questions to John Steele, aka "Zone", via enquiry@​spectralight​.com.au, or yours truly at omg@​overmachogrande​.com

-John (O.M.G.)
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This is a HUGE DEAL, and it's never been done like this for a laser device with so many diodes!
Updated !
Currently out of stock, but will get more! Email OMG for timeline at omg@​overmachogrande​.com!

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