Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss


All laser therapy is NOT created equal! Chances are:
1) You paid/are going to pay too much for your laser device
2) Your laser device isn't/won't be strong enough to give the energy for professional results!

...or BOTH!!! Read more for details!!!
OverMachoGrande sitting on a toilet, reading the paper, and using his very first laser helmet!
My original laser helmet, the "Golden Boy" (stolen by a friend!) side-by-side with my Laser Messiah II!

Spotlight Articles

Who Am I?  I’m OverMachoGrande, and you are in good hands!

Hello, and welcome to my eponymous OverMachoGrande.com –which is THE HOME of laser therapy for hair loss, do it yourself laser devices, and ALL THINGS LLLT! This site is going to grow to encompass even more than the topic of “lasers for hair loss” in the near future, though –it’s going to provide info on ALL the wondrous things that LLLT can do for the entire body!

So, who am I? I’m John Christian, and I am part of the original group that popularized the idea of the “Laser Helmet” (vs. the underpowered hand held laser devices) in hair loss forums in the mid/late-2000’s. This was the largest mass-experiment of laser devices ever seen (and it was all PUBLIC!). I came up with the Laser Messiah as a result of this –which is the only device in existence that followed all of the KEY CONCEPTS that we determined through trial and error were the absolute best, and in-line with PROFESSIONAL DEVICES costing many thousands of dollars! …except, of course, YOU OWN IT, and don’t have to sign up for costly laser clinics (or travel there three times a week, which sounds like an absolute nightmare!).

There are two Laser Messiahs now –the “Laser Messiah I” (which YOU can build with my free instructions!), and the WORLD RENOWNED “Laser Messiah II” (which is the world’s greatest, most customizable laser helmet that I BUILD for you! …and you can even add more diodes to it later if you want to!). The Laser Messiah II has continued to evolve to be the absolute best with better hardware, more efficiency, and, of course, the PULSEDRIVE!

Also, I have learned things about the so-called “hair loss industry” that would make even the toughest person cringe!!! Until this site was online and I was active in the forums, it was “open season” on unsuspecting hair loss suffers, and I will continue to make it my mission to expose these costly, terrible devices that charge a premium (and just DO NOT scientifically “add up” -not to mention they don’t give great results [except in “paid for” studies, of course!]).

I’m not alone in this, either
... [READ MORE...]


YOUR SOURCE for the most CUTTING EDGE info on LLLT / Laser Therapy!

LLLT Safety Part II - Addressing EMF fields when using LLLT/Laser Therapy for Hair Loss!

People are more conscious about health effects the "unseen" waves around them -particularly EMF radiation and Wi-Fi. So, all those laser diodes up on your head must be generating a lot of electromagnetic fields, right??

WRONG! The brunt of EMF radiation is generated at the POWER SUPPLY! Don't wear the power supply on your head and you are fine!
There are no detectable EMFs at the point of the laser helmet.
Don't wear the power supply on your head, and you'll be fine! :)

“Would You Take a Knife to a Gun Fight?” Laser Light vs. LED Light… the DIFFERENCE explained!

Think L.E.D.s are as good as laser therapy/LLLT for Hair Loss? DEAD WRONG. L.E.D.'s are indeed useful for skin and health -and probably show some merit against hair loss- however, it is *not* the same thing as explained in my blog entry.

It takes REAL LASERS to make a profound impact on hair loss for several very real reasons explained in this article!
Lasers vs. LEDs -there is no competition.  Laser therapy beats LEDS every time!
"Whenever LED and lasers have been compared in studies (13 studies found), laser has come out on top." Jan Turner @ www.laser.nu

How many times a week should you use your laser device for hair loss?? -ANSWERED!

The TIME you use it each session depends on the device --I know EXACTLY how long to use the Laser Messiah II. ...But how many TIMES A WEEK is a little bit more flexible!

Here are the guidelines and the more recent conclusions that I've come to based on hearing from hundreds and hundreds of my customers (and my own experiences!).
Calendar of Laser Therapy Usage -frequency of LLLT usage for fighting hair loss!
Please note that I'm talking about REAL laser therapy device --professional ones, my Laser Messiah II, etc.! Not the mass-marketed CRAP out there!

The Connection between Laser Therapy / LLLT for Hair Loss and DHT REVEALED!!!

"OverMachoGrande... do you know the connection between lasers and DHT?" People are simply waiting on the edge of their seat to hear how lasers fit right in to what they think they know about hair loss!

Yes, I know the connection. If you want to read the answer, you'd better be prepared to "let go" something you may have been conditioned to believe as an absolute truth, though, and the answer may not be what you expect!
Does Laser Therapy impact DHT?  Mike Tyson's Mystery Team investigates!  Well, not really.
If you know this cartoon, you are laughing right now (even though hair loss is no laughing matter!). Professional caliber laser devices grow hair and halt further hair loss... ALL ON THEIR OWN. It's been PROVEN!

Laser Clinic for Hair Loss Success Rate Observations… 71% in the first 6 months, 80-90% after 1 year!

Those are the stats from Dr. Maricle -one of the world's leading authorities on LLLT and hair loss- based on his observations and information gathering over his long, expansive history with laser therapy for hair loss.

This is key... those aren't STUDIES that don't translate into "real life". Those numbers are REAL WORLD NUMBERS from REAL PEOPLE.

Those numbers represent what is actually occurring in clinics with laser devices that provide the necessary 3-6 joules of energy under each diode to thousands of customer's scalps all over the world.
OverMachoGrande's Hair Loss Clinic -it would be the best in the world, for sure!
Hmmm... a possible goal for the future? What do you think... should I strive for my own clinic? I'm lucky enough to know some of the best minds in the hair loss world today, so maybe...
These aren't simply "studies" that happen somewhere in some text. These are REAL LIFE/REAL WORLD RESULTS!

Safety of Laser Therapy for Hair Loss—Can it cause cancer??  What about eye safety??—ANSWERED!

The wavelength of the diodes we use (650nm) at our power level (5mW) DO NOT cause cancer, they are considered not harmful for eyes [don't stare at them too long, though, dammit... I'm sure there *is* a way you could hurt yourself!], and they only do GOOD THINGS to you!

Read for more details!
Laser Safety -is laser therapy / LLLT for hair loss safe?
Laser Therapy has been extensively studied for DECADES. Yet... it's still pretty much UNKNOWN to most people! [That's simply because it's doesn't require a prescription.]

Question: O.M.G., does laser light penetrate through my thick hair, too?? -ANSWERED!

This question is usually followed with "Should I buzz my hair down initially when I'm doing these treatments?"

The short answer is that it doesn't matter how thick your hair is... laser therapy is getting to the scalp! Trust me, that scalp of yours is still getting irradiated with nice, soothing, healing, BRIGHT LLLT! You can't stop it.

Laser Light with LLLT / Laser Therapy for Hair Loss DOES INDEED penetrate thick hair!
Impossible to photograph, but this should show that there is a large laser footprint on my skin that penetrated through my thick side hair!

You want DIFFUSED diodes with Laser Therapy for Hair Loss—not dots!  So how much do ‘diffused diodes’... diffuse?? -Laser diffusion sizes at 1cm / 2cm / 3cm!

We noticed eons ago from our own experiments that "diffused" (uncollimated)laser diodes (with lens caps removed) work better than "dots". We also noticed that most pro devices remove the lens caps and have "diffused" diodes, whereas many of the mass-marketed crappy ones still have that lens cap, constraining the footprint and sucking away power.

This will help you if you want to see the rough size of a diffused diode at the heights of 1cm, 2cm, and 3cm...
You want diffused laser diodes to fight hair loss -not dots!
Guess which type my Laser Messiah II uses? :)
Guess which type mass-marketed crap uses? :P


The World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss can now be yours! Fully-wired, a DIY KIT, or just the "helmet only" --email omg@overmachogrande.com for details!

Buy a FULLY-WIRED Laser Messiah II!

The Laser Messiah is the ONLY DEVICE that follows the best principles and key concepts of laser therapy / LLLT for hair loss! Also, it's the only laser helmet that is fully-customizable, upgradeable, and user-serviceable! ...why would you want anything else?!

Email me for pricing and options at omg@​overmachogrande​.com today! This is my PASSION, and I have extensive experience with many other treatments as well (as shown with my "Laser Enhancement Protocols"), and together we can really hammer down a great regimen! Let me hear from you!
Now selling to the public -but the world's greatest laser helmet for hair loss, the Laser Messiah II!
Absolutely unsurpassed coverage and performance --PERIOD.
Buy THE BEST, and accept no substitute!

Introducing the “Laser Messiah II” Hair Laser Helmet!  ...and I’ll make this one for you!

This was my original article from 2009 announcing that I was making the Laser Messiah II! This has great comparisons between the Laser Messiah I (the one you build with the free instructions) vs. the Laser Messiah II (the one I build, and the greatest laser helmet for hair loss that has ever been created!).

Check it out!!!
I make the laser helmet for hair loss that changed the world, The Laser Messiah II!
This is the helmet that totally BLEW AWAY the Laser Therapy Industry! To this day, there is still NOTHING that compares!!!

Interesting Studies!

...with fabulous commentary and practical applications -by yours truly! Most of these studies are LLLT-related, and they will be on a plethora of topics showing what this amazing treatment can do for YOU!

Long Term (1 year) Results of LLLT - improved hair growth and slowed further progression [with pics]

Treatment with LLLT over one year increased scalp hair as determined by scalp hair counts, patient self-assessment, investigator assessment, and global photographic assessment, when compared with placebo. Long-term treatment was generally well tolerated, and the results of these studies demonstrate that LLLT leads to durable improvements in hair growth in men with MPHL and women with FPHL and slows the further progression of hair loss that occurs without treatment.

6 Reported Studies of LLLT in Hair Loss

Six studies from WAY BACK that showed that LLLT was growing hair. Why did so many people ignore these? [I know the answer! It was the flood of inferior devices that didn't get results!]



Mechanisms of Laser Induced Hair Regrowth (In other words, how LLLT fights Hair Loss!)

A breakdown of one of the findings of how LLLT / Laser Therapy fights hair loss! From the study: Increased RNA and protein synthesis was demonstrated after 5J/cm2. Pastore et al found increased activity ofcytochrome c oxidase and an increase in polarograph-ically measured oxygen uptake after 2 J/cm2of HeNe.A major stimulation in the proton pumping activity,about 55% increase of H+/e- ratio was found in illu-minated mitochondria. Yu et al used a 660 nm laser ata power density of 10 mW/cm2and showed increasedoxygen consumption (0.6 J/cm2and 1.2 J/cm2),increased phosphate potential, and energy charge (1.8J/cm2and 2.4 J/cm2) and enhanced activities ofNADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase, ubiquinol: ferricy-tochrome C oxidoreductase and ferrocytochrome C:oxygen oxidoreductase (0.6 J/cm2, 1.2 J/cm2, 2.4 J/cm2and 4.8 J/cm2).



Systemic effects of low-power laser irradiation on the peripheral and central nervous system, cutaneous wounds, and burns

Laser irradiation on only the right side in bilaterally inflicted cutaneous wounds enhanced recovery in both sides compared to the nonirradiated control group. The bilateral retrograde degeneration of the motor neurons of the spinal cord expected after the bilateral crush injury of the peripheral nerves was greatly reduced in the laser treated group.




Links to friendly and informative sites!

Spectralight.com.au – Home of the PulseDrive for the Laser Messiah Helmet for Hair Loss.  Pulsing Laser Therapy / LLLT at High Frequencies for Maximizing Results!

When you pulse laser light at an extremely high rate, it causes MORE of a biological response/stimulation than would ordinarily occur. Certain frequencies do this better than others, and the main one that people associate with fighting hair loss is 8.9 khz. John Steele created one that can do this for helmets up to 450 diodes --and this is a BIG DEAL and has never been done before!!!

Must Reads!

New to this whole subject of LLLT?? The articles here will help get you started!


All laser therapy is NOT created equal! Chances are:
1) You paid/are going to pay too much for your laser device
2) Your laser device isn't/won't be strong enough to give the energy for professional results!

...or BOTH!!!

Read more for details!!!
OverMachoGrande sitting on a toilet, reading the paper, and using his very first laser helmet!
My original helmet, "Golden Boy" --stolen by a friend!
This was the lead article on my OMG site for YEARS! ...It's as important now as it was then!!!

The Reason You Don’t Know ANYTHING about Lasers for Hair Loss…

The reason why you don't know a thing about Lasers for Hair Loss, or the differences between "laser combs" vs. "laser helmets", why LLLT *still* gets routinely dismissed in forums, and why everyone -including you- hasn't been doing this for YEARS.

Seriously, you should be ANGRY!
Silhouette of a Laser Comb in front of a big pile of money.
Welcome to the "Hair Loss Industy", where obfuscation for financial gain rules supreme.
If ever there was a "MUST READ":

Laser Usage Protocols!

COMING SOON!!! OMG's WORLD FAMOUS "Laser Usage Protocols" will be made public for the first time!!!

Laser Usage Protocols section COMING SOON in Fall 2016!!!

This is going to be THE. HOTTEST. SECTION. on this site! It's the section that you will come back to and check often!

My helmet is the best, but there are things you can do to make the best EVEN BETTER. I've been giving these to my customers for years via email (and you can email me for them if you are a customer and don't have a copy!), but it's time to make public multi-media presentations for them!
Enjoy this picture while it's up, ha ha --it'll go away when I have the section finished! :)

Do It Yourself / Build Your Own!

The STOREHOUSE of designs, supplies, and the instructions for the Laser Messiah I! As always, check with OMG for any wiring updates!


There are definitely wiring updates that you should know about if you are planning an adventure in Do-It-Yourself Laser Therapy / LLLT!!!

Weekly Notes!

Most Recent Weekly Notes!

May/June 2019

I'm finally working on new articles, new videos, and completely overhauling my website this month! In the meantime, email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com to buy the greatest laser device for hair loss / hair growth in the world!!!

May/June 2018!

The "Laser Enhancement Protocols" document is *almost* to the point where I can release it to the public! Also, I'm finally over the backlog of orders due to me using up every single premium diode on the planet!

Christmas 2017!!!

Updates on the "Laser Enhancement Protocols"! An emailable .pdf version is on the way!!!

Month of June, 2017!

Updates to the site coming soon!!! Also, I'm changing the name of the "Laser Usage Protocols" to "Laser Therapy Enhancement Techniques".

Months of August and September, 2016

Exciting announcement --NEW .PDF INSTRUCTABLES for HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS!!! The first one is my "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction" -and I need to give a disclaimer, too!

Week of June 20th, 2016

Immortal Hair's YouTube discussion on fatigue and thyroid symptoms, and LLLT for Depression!


The Laser Messiah II is the ONLY DEVICE that follows the best principles and key concepts of laser therapy / LLLT for hair loss! Also, it's the only laser helmet that is fully-customizable, upgradeable, and user-serviceable!

Email me for pricing and options at omg@overmachogrande.com --we can talk about all the options available to make the best custom device possible. I have extensive experience with many other treatments as well, and together we can really hammer down a great regimen! Let me hear from you!