Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss
Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

How to Use This Site!

So... much... information! How do I even get started?! START HERE to find out all you can about LLLT for hair loss, my Laser Messiah II laser helmet, do-it-yourself laser therapy, etc.!!!
So... much... information! How do I even get started?! START HERE to find out all you can about LLLT for hair loss, my Laser Messiah II laser helmet, do-it-yourself laser therapy, etc.!!!
How best to use the OverMachoGrande.com website!
Yeah, c'mon!!! THUMBS UP! Use this site and learn about LLLT!!!
I know it. This site is BURSTING AT THE SEAMS with information all about laser therapy for hair loss (and laser therapy devices for other things soon, too!)! So, where do you start? Here is a great “general course of action” for you to follow if you want to get the most out of it! Remember that there are a ton of other articles, too, and this is just to get you started!

First of all, let me get this out of the way: most people that come here simply just want to cut to the chase and order a Laser Messiah II from me, so, if that is YOU, you can jump straight to it and email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com! It *is* the best, so there is no shame just getting to the point here! :)


I would be remiss if I didn’t start with the “Read This First!” article, which explains the totally bogus, murky, and devious state of the hair loss LLLT industry, and why my site (with yours truly at the helm!) is in existence in the first place:

...and here is why the typical person over the past 20 years never really knew anything about and was totally confused by the topic of laser therapy for hair loss (even though there were professional devices at that time in clinics that were giving great results!):
The Reason You Don’t Know ANYTHING about Lasers for Hair Loss...

If you really want to understand all the terms that we use (diodes, wavelengths, etc.), here is great start:
An Overview of Diodes, Power, Wavelengths, and Other Terminology used in Laser Therapy / LLLT!

I have an EASY TO READ six part “essay” on Laser Therapy for Hair Loss, by the way, and if you are new to this, it might be worth your while to read through them:
“LLLT for Hair Loss”—an Essay, by OverMachoGrande!

Essay Part II - You paid too much / are going to pay too much for your mass-marketed laser device for hair loss!

Essay Part III - Your Mass-Marketed Laser Device for Hair Loss isn’t/won’t be Strong Enough!

Essay Part IV - OMG’s Three Cardinal Rules for Successful Laser Therapy!

Essay Part V - Do-It-Yourself Laser Therapy / LLLT Introduction

Essay Part VI - Summary: Laser Therapy / LLLT for Hair Loss 101!

Ok, now, this is important: the HOTTEST SECTION of my site in the very near future will be my “Laser Usage Protocols”. These are things that you can do to make any laser treatment BETTER. This will be located here, but right now it’s a work in progress:
Laser Usage Protocols

You have to understand something... laser therapy is my PASSION, and I’ve been collecting, innovating, and experimenting with different things for many years now (and talking/testing them with hundreds of people all around the world), all with the goal of helping laser therapy become more effective –something I can definitely say that NO ONE ELSE IN THE INDUSTRY HAS DONE. [Well, no one has done it at this point... I’m sure they will rip this off just like they’ve ripped off everything else I’ve done!] I’ve been giving out these instructions privately via email to my customers for years, but I’ve decided to not only make them public, but to make instructional videos/articles for every one of them!

So, this will be HUGE, and it’s a great time to get started with your own Laser Messiah II so you can be a part of it!

Ok, though, back to it....

Have questions about the SAFETY of Laser Therapy for hair loss?
Here is an article discussing cancer, eye safety, etc (hint: it’s safe):
Safety of Laser Therapy for Hair Loss --Can it cause cancer?? What about eye safety?? --ANSWERED!

Here is article discussing EMFs (electromagnetic fields, oh, and another hint... it’s safe):
LLLT Safety Part II - Addressing EMF fields when using LLLT/Laser Therapy for Hair Loss!

Are you a woman? Good news, I use the exact same diodes from the exact same assembly line as the first professional laser clinic device FDA approved for women’s hair loss:

By the way... who the heck am I?
Who Am I? I’m OverMachoGrande, and you are in good hands!

So, HOW does laser therapy work, anyway?? I always say that “Laser therapy simply makes things work better”. Here is a great flow chart on how it does that (although it doesn’t really cover everything, but you can get the basic idea):
Easy to Understand Flow Chart of LLLT (or how laser therapy “makes things work better!”)

If you came here because you are thinking about building your own device? Then you probably want the FREE INSTRUCTIONS for building your own “Laser Messiah I”, the first gen of the world’s greatest laser helmet for hair loss. First, though, here is an article proclaiming how easy it is to wire devices like this (which is why it’s ludicrous to pay something like $700 for 21 diode devices!):
Wiring is Ridiculously Easy!

Here are the three downloadable .PDF’s for the Laser Messiah I:
“Wiring of the Laser Messiah”, DIY Laser Helmet for Hair Loss, Part III -FREE Downloadable .PDF!

...and that Part III has a checklist of the supplies you need. Having said that, there definitely wiring updates! I’m not going to spend the time to rewrite those .pdfs, so you have to go here:
Wiring Updates!

If you are looking for a comparison between the Laser Messiah I and the Laser Messiah II (the one that I make!), you can look here at this OLD article. It shows the old way I wire the helmets (and they look much better now, obviously!), but you can still see some side-by-side comparisons here:
Introducing the “Laser Messiah II” Hair Laser Helmet! ...and I’ll make this one for you!

...and you can see why the Laser Messiah II is the best laser therapy device for hair loss in the world!

There are many other articles, devices, and supplies on the main D.I.Y. list page here:
Do It Yourself / Build Your Own

...and here is an article by Dr. Maricle with the links to bulk orders of the diodes for people building DIY laser devices:
SUPPLIES: AiXiZ O.M.G. Site Volume Discount Form!

Ok, l’m sure you’ve heard about the PULSEDRIVE! You should have -it revolutionized laser therapy just like my Laser Messiah II! Here is the introduction / instructional video:
Pulsing Lasers with the Spectralight PulseDrive - ONLY FOR THE LASER MESSIAH II!!!

Cheap LED devices that work terribly for hair loss are unfortunately back on the scene again (after they died out a few years back because, yes, they don’t work for hair loss), so here is an article explaining the differences between REAL LASER THERAPY and cruddy L.E.D. therapy (which may have some benefits, just not great ones for hair loss, which as you know is exceedingly difficult to treat!):
“Would You Take a Knife to a Gun Fight?” Laser Light vs. LED Light... the DIFFERENCE explained!

How many times a week should you use a laser therapy device?
How many times a week should you use your laser device for hair loss?? -ANSWERED!

Ok, for those of you that are interested in buying the world’s greatest laser helmet directly from me, here is the main “Buy” page with the main information and pricing:
Buy a FULLY-WIRED Laser Messiah II!

Here are the common patterns that I make illustrated by a blank helmet with painted zones:
Common Patterns for the Laser Messiah Laser Helmet for Hair Loss: 300/366/400 diode footprints explained!

...and here are other common patterns that I make with dots added to those pictures to show the extra diodes:
Part II - Additional Common Diode Patterns for the Laser Messiah LLLT / Laser Therapy Helmet for Hair Loss!

Ok, more to come, but that should get you started for now!

-John Christian (O.M.G.)


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