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Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss
Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

Fitting Instructions Video for the Laser Messiah II…

Fitting Instructions Video for the best laser helmet for hair loss in the world, the Laser Messiah II
Spoiler alert... it's ONE SIZE FITS MOST, and by "MOST", I mean almost every person out there!
Note from OverMachoGrande -May 25th, 2016: This is my original video from 2009 way before I had a decent camera! I don't even use that YouTube account anymore because I ended up not liking the "HairlossAnonymous" nanme, ha ha! So, please enjoy it for what it is (very 2009!), and look forward to NEW CONTENT! :)

I realize that to many of you out there, a hair laser helmet is a brand new concept! You probably don't know the first thing about what to expect in terms of "fit", etc. So, for you, here is a "Fitting Instructions" video for the helmet that I now manufacture (and you can check the buy page for more details about it)...

I wish I could keep a big pile of Laser Messiahs behind me like that in every video, but I can't keep them in stock long enough! It's like a big pile of SKULLS!

This helmet changed the freaking landscape of laser therapy for hair loss!
Basically, there are two ways to adjust the helmet. You can tighten the headband, and you can LENGTHEN the distance between helmet and the headband. These two ways to adjust the helmet allow for a tremendous "fit" capability! Remember, it doesn't have to fit like a Fedora -or even a ball cap. It needs to position the diodes over your head, and be held into place --and the flexibility of the helmet takes care of the rest!

This video is a fantastic way for you to get a closer look at this helmet. ...But go easy on me! I had a fever when I was making that video, I sound snotty, I was sweating bullets, and I was obviously completely sinking down into my chair! lol... Between every take, I coughed for about five minutes straight, too! Oh well, the show must go on, I guess!

I don't check the youtube comments -I'd rather the discussion stay in the forums- so here the thread in which we discussed this: http://​regrowth.com/​hairloss-forums/​viewthread​.cfm?f​=1&t=​22988. Anyway, like I said, this is a good way for you to check out what this helmet has to offer, and if you're new to this... it might educate you a little bit and help you with your OWN DESIGN!

Second note from OverMachoGrande -May 25th, 2016: After building these helmets for YEARS, I can definitely conclude that this design is indeed "one size fits most"! Seriously, I can probably count the number of people that had problems on ONE HAND or close to it, and most of those people had admittedly odd-shaped heads --and ALL OF THEM could use the helmet (just without using the headband which I don't recommend!). So, as long as you don't have a head like the elongated Ancient Alien skulls found in Peru, chances are it'll fit fine! :)

I can also send the "helmet only" out in advance for you to try yourself!

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