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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

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Buy a FULLY-WIRED Laser Messiah II!

Buy THE BEST, and accept no substitute!
The Laser Messiah is the ONLY DEVICE that follows the best principles and key concepts of laser therapy / LLLT for hair loss! Also, it's the only laser helmet that is fully-customizable, upgradeable, and user-serviceable! ...why would you want anything else?!

Email me for pricing and options at omg@​overmachogrande​.com today! This is my PASSION, and I have extensive experience with many other treatments as well (as shown with my "Laser Enhancement Protocols"), and together we can really hammer down a great regimen! Let me hear from you!
Now selling to the public -but the world's greatest laser helmet for hair loss, the Laser Messiah II!
Absolutely unsurpassed coverage and performance --PERIOD.

Weeks of June 27th and July 4th, 2016

SMOKING GUN PROOF that laser therapy reduces scalp inflammation, and a great SCALP MASSAGER!
Next Monday is Independence Day for the USA, so this weekly status is for two weeks! :) I'll be making helmets both weeks, though, so you can email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com!

Want SMOKING GUN PROOF that laser therapy does things that no other hair loss treatment can?? Check out the full weekly note and I'll show you! Great pictures from scalp biopsies that prove it!

Also, a customer alerted me to a truly fantastic way that we can EASILY add scalp exercises / detumescence therapy to our regimens, and it could potentially hold promise: a VIGOROUS electric scalp massager with strong "kneading" action, and it massively increases bloodflow -that's fantastic for LLLT!

Laser Clinic for Hair Loss Success Rate Observations… 71% in the first 6 months, 80-90% after 1 year!

These aren't simply "studies" that happen somewhere in some text. These are REAL LIFE/REAL WORLD RESULTS!
Those are the stats from Dr. Maricle -one of the world's leading authorities on LLLT and hair loss- based on his observations and information gathering over his long, expansive history with laser therapy for hair loss.

This is key... those aren't STUDIES that don't translate into "real life". Those numbers are REAL WORLD NUMBERS from REAL PEOPLE.

Those numbers represent what is actually occurring in clinics with laser devices that provide the necessary 3-6 joules of energy under each diode to thousands of customer's scalps all over the world.
OverMachoGrande's Hair Loss Clinic -it would be the best in the world, for sure!
Hmmm... a possible goal for the future? What do you think... should I strive for my own clinic? I'm lucky enough to know some of the best minds in the hair loss world today, so maybe...

How’s this for results… [Laser Therapy / LLLT for Hair Loss with the LDS 100 Laser Clinic Device]

No minoxidil (which is TERRIBLE anyway, and if you ever are thinking about starting minox, please email me!!!), no finasteride, and no hair style changes -just RESULTS with laser therapy! Oh, and it's not done by a mass-marketed device, either -it's done with a professional strength laser clinic device!
Chart of LDS 100 professional laser clinic device results
Yet... this treatment is still largely ignored! Why?? ...because of the INFERIOR DEVICES out there on the market! Vote "Laser Messiah"!

Sunetics Model “G” Complete Laser System

The $40,000 benchmark for laser clinic professional devices! ...and my helmet uses the EXACT SAME DIODES (and, umm... for A LOT less money! Ha ha!!!).
Laser Clinic with Sunetics G -the benchmark for hair loss!
Photographing laser therapy in action is actually pretty hard. The lasers BLOW OUT the picture very easily.


As of 2016, Women make up at least 25% of my customers --and maybe as high as a solid 1/3rd! I'm so glad that more and more women are finding out about this GREAT treatment!!!
Laser Therapy / LLLT for Women's Hair Loss with a professional device: After the 36th treatment, 97% of the subject population demonstrated an increased hair count of ≥20%. A total of 89% of all subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of ≥30%, with 57% demonstrating an increased hair count of ≥50%. NO ONE can deny those numbers!!!

...and my Laser Messiah II that I can build for YOU to use in your OWN HOME uses the exact same diodes! Yeah, that means you can get these results, too. If you were waiting for a sign from above -especially if you are female- this is it...
FDA Clearance for a FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS laser device -and the Laser Messiah II uses the exact same diodes!
Professional devices, professional results! You can get these results AT HOME with the Laser Messiah II!

Introducing the “Laser Messiah II” Hair Laser Helmet!  ...and I’ll make this one for you!

This was my original article from 2009 announcing that I was making the Laser Messiah II! This has great comparisons between the Laser Messiah I (the one you build with the free instructions) vs. the Laser Messiah II (the one I build, and the greatest laser helmet for hair loss that has ever been created!).

Check it out!!!
I make the laser helmet for hair loss that changed the world, The Laser Messiah II!
This is the helmet that totally BLEW AWAY the Laser Therapy Industry! To this day, there is still NOTHING that compares!!!

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