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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
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Over​Macho​Grande's Weekly Notes!

What's OMG doing? What's he experimenting with right now?! Read these weekly notes to FIND OUT!!!

SPRING 2020!

Detumesce Therapy made easy with my wooden devices!!!
I'm John Christian, a.k.a. "OverMachoGrande", and I make the world's greatest laser helmet for hair loss called the "LASER MESSIAH", and I sell them to the public: BUY A LASER MESSIAH!

I also know amazing complementary treatments that can dramatically increase your potential of success, which I call my "Laser Enhancement Protocols". You can email me about all of this at omg@​overmachogrande​.com!

Speaking of other treatments, "detumescence therapy" (deep scalp massaging) is very synergistic with LLLT, but it has two problems... 1) hand/finger pain, and 2) you feel sometimes like you aren't making much "headway". I believe I have SOLVED THOSE PROBLEMS by making a wooden hand held device with rubber "grip" fingers. Video on this coming soon, but you can email me for details right now (and I can send you some pics of it and tell you how to make it, too!).


-John (O.M.G.)

May/June 2019

I'm finally working on new articles, new videos, and completely overhauling my website this month! In the meantime, email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com to buy the greatest laser device for hair loss / hair growth in the world!!!
I'm happy to announce that I'm going to be finally working on new articles, new videos, and completely overhauling my website this month! I have so much to share with you! In the meantime, I am of course still building the best laser helmet for hair loss/hair growth on the planet -the Laser Messiah II! You are welcome to email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com for information on that (I can even spell out all the advantages for you very easily!), and you can also ask me for the link to the work-in-progress "Laser Enhancement Protocols" pdf!

Talk to you soon!!!
-John (O.M.G.)

May/June 2018!

The "Laser Enhancement Protocols" document is *almost* to the point where I can release it to the public! Also, I'm finally over the backlog of orders due to me using up every single premium diode on the planet!
Hope you had a great Spring [probably colder than normal for most people!] and are ready for the SUMMER! Can you believe that this year is getting scarily close to being HALF OVER already?! Time to get motivated!

I thankfully am over that diode backorder (at least temporarily!), through the long order backlog, and I'm back to [quickly!] building the BEST LASER HELMET for hair loss on the planet!!! ...which you, of course, can BUY ready to go! Fully-customizable, diode lens caps REMOVED, and all the other aspects that makes mine indisputably the best! You can email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com and we can talk about it! I wiped out AiXiZ's supply and outpaced the factory's ability to replace them for a while there! :)

I'm getting closer to releasing my world famous "Laser Enhancement Protocols" directly to the public! I am working on an amazing .PDF document that I think will be the GREATEST THING to hit the world of laser therapy since my Do-It-Yourself instructions that I released years ago. It's going to take a good few more months because it keeps getting bigger and bigger (and better and better!), but what I have in the current rough draft / "Work in Progress" form is still enough to explain the entire concept, and hopefully make lightbulbs go off in your head, too! If you are a customer of mine (or even if you aren't!), you can email me to get the "perma-link" to the document!

This will be a BIG DEAL -mark my words.

Also, really cool: I've been working with a do-it-yourself HAIR SPRAY that actually will *help* fight hair loss (because it works as a very mild glycolic acid scalp peel!), so you should look forward to an article on that soon!

Tons of site updates, articles, and videos coming soon! Stay tuned, and shoot me an email!

Christmas 2017!!!

Updates on the "Laser Enhancement Protocols"! An emailable .pdf version is on the way!!!
I hope everyone out there is having a Merry Christmas! [...or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate it!] ...It *is* the most wonderful time of the year!

I know I'm about a year and a half late on my public version of my "Laser Enhancement Protocols", ha ha, but I'm getting there --I promise! The good news is that I'm working RIGHT NOW on a .PDF version -an UPDATED version with tons of info- that I can email you! I hope to have that done in a couple of weeks (like the first week of 2018!). I will discontinue the old text version that I cut-and-paste via email. It'd be impossible to send this new version via a text email because it's just to dang MUCH INFO!

So, if you are a customer of mine (or even if you aren't) please email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com to ask about getting a copy of that --you won't want to miss it!!!

Month of June, 2017!

Updates to the site coming soon!!! Also, I'm changing the name of the "Laser Usage Protocols" to "Laser Therapy Enhancement Techniques".
Sorry it's been so long with the site updates!!! One thing that many people don't realize is that unlike people on the internet, I AM THE GUY that actually MAKES THE HELMETS!!! I'm the inventor, manufacturer, the email answerer, the shipper -every part of it is done by me! Ha ha, so sometimes it's tough for me to make time for the website! My email life, however, is PROLIFIC --I spend hours a day on it most days, and you are welcome to get all the current info by emailing me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com!

I *almost* have my studio set up, so videos with your favorite people (like Brian Simonis at ImmortalHair.com will be coming soon!!!! After that -the site is going to be mega active!

By the way, I have a new name for the "Laser Usage Protocols" section... it will be called "Laser Therapy Enhancement Techniques"! This name is less confusing --they are items that you can do to enhance laser therapy, and aren't necessarily required! I hope this name clears it up!

Months of August and September, 2016

Exciting announcement --NEW .PDF INSTRUCTABLES for HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS!!! The first one is my "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction" -and I need to give a disclaimer, too!

PDF Instructables!

As you know, my job is:
1) to make the very best laser therapy device for hair loss possible,
2) to find ways to make that LLLT treatment even more effective, and
3) to help communicate the tried and true methods for fighting hair loss that KEEP BEING LOST because of terrible hair loss forums, people that have success with them disappearing (because they no longer need to stick around), etc.

With #3, I'm stepping up my game! I'd like to make an exciting announcement, and that is that I'm going to make .PDF INSTRUCTABLES on all the treatments that I have found to be beneficial --especially the ones in my laser usage protocols!

That's right… every step of every treatment I recommend will be laid out, and, also importantly, I'll show you how to work them into your regimen! This will help bridge the gap between my upcoming videos and text articles. You can actually have something in your hand to help follow along!

Laser Usage Protocols Introduction

My first one is entitles "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction", and if you've heard me talk about them, then this is the best way to illustrate what I'm talking about!

OverMachoGrande's Laser Usage Protocols Introduction PDF Instructable
The first of many... the "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction" .PDF Instructable! This will help give you a visual of what I'm talking about!

So, other than the fact that I simply want to illustrate to my Laser Messiah customers how to do these treatments that I've been recommending for YEARS (via often difficult to follow text!) -treatments that help THE BEST laser therapy device for hair loss become even more effective- there is another reason that I want to do this, and it's similar to the reason I started my OverMachoGrande.com site anyway! Here it is…

"Hair loss forums are terrible, wretched places, and you should stay away from them at all costs --unless you want to know which brand of minox to buy or which pharmacy will sell you propecia without a prescription!" -OMGThere is no "permanence" in hair loss forums. Good information is lost and bad information is regurgitated (often by people with motives, or perhaps just the loudest mouths. Many have mental illnesses or personality disorders, and I'm being quite serious) on a daily basis. Without my simple site on laser therapy, we'd still be subject to underpowered laser combs (and, well, these scandalous underpowered helmets wouldn't exist, either, because they all copied what we did -sorry about that!) because the information would have disappeared off the main page or been deleted by moderators with motives, and lost to history forever.

For example… RosarioRose9's polysorbate 80 mix should be used by EVERY SINGLE HAIR LOSS SUFFERER, yet, if you asked the typical hair loss forum dweller about it, they 1) either wouldn't know what you are talking about, or 2) would just regurgitate something negative that they heard some other hair loss forum person say about it once. Jeez… how the heck could I get people to consider something crazy (but yet synergistically beneficial) like a scalp massager in a place that is so close minded?! I can't.

Therefore, I'm starting this .PDF Instructable campaign to help thwart this. I'm hoping people will download them, trade them, talk about them, improve on them, etc. I want people to store them on their own computer where no one can censor them. What… don't think that happens in hair loss forums?!

Example: RosarioRose9's Polysorbate 80 mix should be used by every hair loss sufferer everywhere -but people STILL don't know what this is!!! I'm trying to help change that!I do not want the hard work of so many people to be forgotten. I don't want people taken advantage of by minoxidil or 21-diode mass-marketed laser device shills -or forum bullies that live to bash other treatments and people because what they say doesn't fit into their tiny little theory of the causes of hair loss, and who often don't know a single ounce of practical knowledge that wasn't simply written somewhere else.

Now… where do I display them? Unfortunately, until I get more of them done, they are just going to have to be stored here in my weekly notes! BUT… they will obviously be a big part of the "Laser Usage Protocols" page and be listed with the videos on those topics. Perhaps more importantly… they are going to be on full display when I finally redo my WorldHairLoss.org site! I'm thinking the entire left column (below the announcements) will be full of them!!!

So, stay tuned for all of that!!!

Laser Usage Protocols DISCLAIMER…

I hate having to get all negative like this, but you'll notice at the bottom left of my "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction", there is a DISCLAIMER! I got an email from someone several weeks back that just infuriated me, and it was someone that was turned off of the whole LLLT idea BECAUSE OF my laser usage protocols. Yeah, so, translation: this person read all of my hard work I've done to try to make LLLT even more effective and to try to help EVERYONE get to where they want to be, and then blamed me for making it too difficult. He even said he "wanted to have time to spend with his wife and kids" or some dramatic nonsense like that.

Look… MOST PEOPLE only take a shower, towel dry their hair, and then use the helmet! That's it… I say that all time, and I've said that for years. So, when people say these things to me, I feel that they are HAMSTRINGING ME! They are making it so I can't do all this beneficial hard work to move the ball forward with fighting hair loss!

Let me put it this way. Hair loss is caused by a multitude of reasons:
D.H.T./androgens, inflammation, fibrosis/calcification, lack of blood flow/vasoconstriction/blood circulation issues, scalp muscular tension, heavy sebum / blocked follicles, thyroid problems, stress / cortisol, micro-fungus, insulin resistance, lymphatic system drainage issues, lack of nutrients in the blood to the follicles, genetically weaker hair, lifestyles with lack of exposure to sunlight, lifestyles with a terrible, poisonous diet, kidney dysfunction, toxic metals…

….and/or a million other reasons, some not even discovered yet!
Please realize that taking a shower, towel drying your hair, and using the helmet is all that it takes for most people --I just want to go above and beyond that!

The good thing about LLLT is that it addresses MULTIPLE CAUSES of hair loss (and many in that list!), and this is often enough to get great results. However, for example, if you have massive sebum issues that irritate the scalp, more fibrosis/calcification, and/or terrible blood circulation in the scalp compared to the guy sitting next to you using a laser helmet, you can't expect that you are going to get the same results, right?

LLLT addresses MULTIPLE CAUSES of Hair Loss, and this is enough for most people. Some people need MORE, and I'm here to show you how to DO MORE. So, don't f'ing hamstring me! :)So, because this is MY PASSION, I try to get to the root of every problem, and I can't stand it when someone can't deduce that I'm just trying to move the ball forward. That's all. So, you have to use your judgment when doing additional items -and TIME and COMPLIANCE should be a consideration! Above all else, the most important thing is USING THE HELMET. You don't let anything get in the way of that --even if it means you are just taking a shower, towel drying your hair, and using it for 20 minutes/three+ times a week!

Ok, ha ha… one more thing. Maybe this will help you understand where I'm coming from here. It's equivalent to making a sarcastic comment on Facebook or something, and someone, of course, doesn't get it, wrongly calls you out, and the joke is just RUINED. So, you then feel that you can't make sarcastic comments anymore ever again on any thread! You're just going to have to waste time explaining yourself to the one person that doesn't get it.

That's how I feel!!! Ok, this guy now thinks that I'm proclaiming you have to jump through hoops to get benefits when I've said no such thing!

"Yeah, if only this singing contest show gets the RIGHT JUDGES this year, then I'm sure everyone would want to watch again!" I'm sure someone would very seriously look down their nose to me and say "No, I don't think people really care about the judges, and people are just tired of that format".

Ok, stay tuned for more .PDF Instructables! There is a reason I wanted to give that disclaimer now because my next one is going to be pretty crazy!!!! :)

-John (O.M.G.)

Weeks of July 11th through July 25th, 2016

Scalp Heating Caps and a STRONG 50% Glycolic Acid Peel!

Scalp Heating Cap for Hair Loss

Scalp Heating Caps for Hair Loss
Scalp Heating Cap!
I added another GIZMO a couple of weeks ago, and I think I might be a "lifer" with this like the scalp massager. It's a SCALP HEATING CAP!

I learned this trick recently from RosarioRose9 -the guy that actually INVENTED the 50/50 polysorbate 80 / ethyl alcohol formula that is a KEY PART of my "Laser Usage Protocols. That is an interesting story, by the way (and it includes some proof that it works) and I'll talk about it soon in my video. I can't reveal personal information about someone, OBVIOUSLY, but what you need to know here is that RosarioRose9 makes VERY GOOD DECISIONS IN LIFE. If you ever see a post from him, please pay attention and read it twice!

Oh, one more thing about the poly80 formula, I firmly believe that pretty much any hair loss sufferer would benefit from that formula, by the way. I'll save that for a future post, though!

Anyway, back to the cap: Rosario uses his scalp heating cap after he puts on the polysorbate 80 / ethyl alcohol formula. The cap helps dilate the follicles, open the pores, and the heating of the THICK formula helps to thin it and helps it to penetrate more deeply -not to mention it helps draw at least a little bit of blood flow to the area. I've used mine for a couple of weeks now and I completely agree, and I'll be a "lifer" with it.

OverMachoGrande wearing his scalp heating cap to help fight hair loss!
OverMachoGrande enjoying his scalp heating cap!

Let me stress something here, too… I want to be a "lifer" with it because I ENJOY IT! It's therapeutic! It feels great using it, and I look forward to it --just like the Laser Messiah, the scalp massager, and the other things I do! So, when people see this sort of thing and get "overwhelmed" that you aren't going to have the time to do it, you're coming at the problem from the wrong angle, and you aren't taking into consideration that some of these things are very enjoyable and you'll WANT to do them!

So, now I use the heating cap for multiple things (and I think it COULD have a place with scalp peels), but primarily, it's great to use right after the polysorbate 80 / ethyl alcohol pre-shower topical. So, here is the method spelled out with my "Instruct-Icons"…

Method for Polysorbate 80 / Alcohol with Scalp Heating Cap:

Polysorbate 80 / Alcohol Mix
Apply the Polysorbate 80 / Alcohol mix with a dropper. Apply this carefully! It's really thick, and you should focus on the SCALP vs. the hair, and spread it around gently!


Scalp Heating Cap for Hair Loss
Use the scalp heating cap for 10-15 minutes or so!


Shampoo with a Good Hair Loss Fighting Shampoo!
Take a shower with good shampoos, and really SCRUB HARD!

Want to step up your game??


Scalp Scrubber for stepping up your hair loss fight!
Use a shampoo scalp scrubber to really invigorate the scalp and get that stimulation going!

I'll cover the shampoo scalp scrubbers in detail in another article! [I'll mention quickly that I prefer the cheap plastic Amazon ones to that expensive Morrocco Method one in the picture. I like how the cheap plastic one scratches the surface of the scalp more. Remember, we have calcified, fibrosis scarred scalps, and we need to do A LOT to reverse that!]

Most of my customers already know the formula for the polysorbate 80 / ethyl alcohol mix, but I'll have more on that for the rest of the public very soon! You can always email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com, too -like I said, I think most everyone would benefit from this formula!

Oh, look for the upcoming article on using regular DRINKING ALCOHOL in all of our concoctions! It has less additives, and, of course, you can DRINK what you don't use! :)

New 50% Glycolic Acid Scalp Peel

Scalp Peels for Hair Loss
Scalp Peels!
I recently bought a new type of scalp peel, and it's a 50% glycolic acid mixture! …and wouldn't you know it that this possibly ties into the aforementioned scalp heating caps! Convenient!

Scalp peels are so hugely important that every single day, I kick myself for having those two life-threatening ailments over the past five years that kept me away from posting new articles. Seriously, just like with the polysorbate 80 / alcohol mix, this is something that EVERY BALDING PERSON should be doing. I've been giving instructions in my "Laser Usage Protocols" for years, but I realize that people really need to SEE THEM DONE to understand. So, ha ha, those videos are coming soon!

Basically, scalp peels are just facial peels. Facial peels have GREAT science and studies behind them, and they absolutely work to rejuvenate and remodel the skin of the face. HOWEVER, the face is vastly different than the scalp, and if you've done a scalp peel and had some drip down to your forehead, you already know this! Ha ha, in fact, it's really easy to determine where the "line" is between your scalp and your face due to the pain! :) Anyway, the idea is that since the scalp is so full of fibrosis/calcification, and has less nerve sensitivity anyway, we use a little bit different method of application (that I spell out in my "Laser Usage Protocols"!).

Just like with the polysorbate 80/alcohol mix, Scalp Peels are something that EVERY BALDING PERSON should be doing.This was brought to our attention in the forums by "Scalp Skin Lady" (Karen) in the forums. Karen previously had a clinic in which she administered scalp peels to customers, and she reported that repeated uses over the course of a year really showed results. Ok, pay attention to that part. SHE ACTUALLY HAD A CLINIC, AND HAD GREAT RESULTS WITH SCALP PEELS ON HER CUSTOMERS!!!

Her theory is simple… balding scalps are terrible, terrible places full of fibrosis and calcification, and if you start treating that thick, DEAD scalp with enzyme/acid peels, that old skin will eventually turn back to a more youthful state --a state more conducive to growing hair and fighting hair loss! Anyway, you are welcome to contact her:


…and I know that she's been gearing up to become active again with her business, and she might have kits available again that have the peel, the brushes, etc.

I've previously used weaker glycolic acid mixtures, and they are pretty mild. Seriously, 20% can be used every other day (at least on my scalp!). That, however, isn't ideal for me… I'd rather being doing other things in that precious time slot. So, the idea here is that I want to do something STRONGER that really "wounds" the scalp, and then it can heal over the course of 1 week or so.

Here is the brand and the bottle:

Skin Laboratory's 50% Glycolic Acid Peel
SKINLABORATORY's "Glycolic/50" 50% glycolic acid peel! I bought it on Amazon, and seriously, this bottle should last me a long, long, time (years?).

…and here is the booklet with instructions (for the FACE, mind you --we're still ground-breakers for "scalp peels", and we do a much different method!):

Pages 4 and 1 -the outside covers!

Pages 2 and 3 -the inside pages!

Sorry… I'm not going to scan the instructions and make them nice and pretty -life is too short for that!

Scalp peels SHOULD NOT damage hair -but they can STRIP IT (which is why in the instructions I point out how to minimize the exposure to hair!). So, after using it, it's very necessary to only use a moisturizing shampoo and to bombard it with oils (I use coconut oil and emu oil). I also use my Laser Messiah right after the shower, but I'll go through that at a later date!

I'm ASSUMING that this new brand won't damage my hair, either, but frankly this is a bit hard for me to assess right now because, ha ha, well… my hair is already damaged a bit from trying a strong glycolic acid SOAP as a shampoo! :) After using this brand twice, so far I haven't noticed any more damage, so I think we are ok! I'll keep you posted…

Like I said, though, I've taken this the "next step" and I've realized that HEY… maybe it'd be a great thing to use the HEATING CAP to help that scalp peel get down into the scalp a little bit more! So far, so good… I've done it twice in two weeks, and I'm going to be continuing to use it this way (and will have video instructions on it in the near future!). So, here is the method:

Method for Scalp Peels with the Scalp Heating Cap:

Scalp Peels are HUGE for fighting hair loss!
Apply the scalp peel as explained in my "Laser Usage Protocols", minimizing hair exposure.


Scalp Heating Cap for Hair Loss
Wet your hair again as explained in the instructions, but bypass the shower cap or plastic wrap and use the scalp heating cap. I use it for 20 minutes, and then I let my hair "air dry" before I start the "buffing" process with the brush.


Shampoo with a Good Hair Loss Fighting Shampoo!
Shampoo with the best DEEP MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO that you've got!!!

More detailed explanations (and more "Instruct-Icons" that will show each step!) will be in my "Laser Usage Protocols" section of this site!

In summary, the idea with scalp peels in general is to remove the calcified / fibrosis layers of skin on the scalp, and this should help laser therapy work much better. PLUS, it should actually help hair regrow all by itself! This is actually "wounding", which, as you probably have heard, does have promising results. There is even talk of STEM CELLS with wounding -and I know that makes people wet their pants. Anyway, you guys can do all the research for wounding -it's out there- and I'll offer my two cents by saying that scalp peels would be probably the IDEAL form of "wounding" because it covers infinitely more area than pin pricks, etc.

It's no longer an issue of whether scalp peels help the FACE --pretty much everyone across the board all over the world finds that it helps their skin appear younger, improves collagen, etc. etc. There have been studies done that I'm sure you can find very easily. So, we are still innovators with using them for the scalp, but hey.. It's skin! …and Karen had a freaking CLINIC before! SHE HAS SEEN GREAT RESULTS WITH THIS!

It's amazing to me how powerful this treatment is and yet forums just do not embrace this info (which is one reason why forums are just terrible --I got an email last week mentioning the [BARF!] "Big Three"! Yeah, they are still stuck on stupid in some of those places, and the hard work of all the people in my generation (like Karen) went right out the window!

-John (O.M.G.)

Weeks of June 27th and July 4th, 2016

SMOKING GUN PROOF that laser therapy reduces scalp inflammation, and a great SCALP MASSAGER!
Next Monday is the 4th of July, America's Independence Day(!), so I'm going to make this the Weekly Update for BOTH WEEKS! Although I don't have much planned, I'll be probably at the inlaws' pool (sort of a lose/win, I guess! Ha ha!), eating hot dogs, and celebrating this great country! PLUS... I need to make some more site changes (basically, I need to make these weekly notes more prominent), so I want to give myself some more time before I make the next update!

Anyway, I'll be IN TOWN, making helmets, and answering emails for these next two weeks, so I'll definitely be here on the other end of your email!

Scalp Biopsy shows that LLLT massively reduces tissue inflammation of the scalp

So, if you want "Smoking Gun" proof that laser therapy does something that no other treatment does (and why frankly EVERYONE should be using it), then check out the work done by Dr. Crassas in France:

Dr. Crassas's LLLT and Inflammation Scalp Biopsy Findings
Click for full-sized .pdf!

Dr. Crassas treated subjects with laser therapy for three months (and you can see the Sunetics G in the picture, which, of course, has the exact same diodes as the Laser Messiah!), and then performed scalp biopsies and determined the amount of tissue inflammation. It was dramatically reduced after laser therapy! Dr. Maricle (cmaricle​@aixiz​.com) was involved in this study as well, and I'm going to get more of his findings before I make the "full article" on it, but this is great!

Say what you want, but laser therapy actually reduces chronic scalp inflammation which, of course, it a big problem with MPB!

Here is an animated gif:

Animated Before-After Scalp Biopsy of Laser Therapy Reducing Inflammation
Animated Before-After Scalp Biopsy of Laser Therapy Reducing Inflammation
Pictures 1 and 3 are "before", and Pictures 2 and 4 are "after"!

LLLT does something that no other hair loss treatment does: it HEALS the scalp and reduces inflammation!...and I'll explain what you are looking at. This is biopsied scalp tissue, and it's basically sliced horizontally so you are seeing a cross section from top view. So, those big oval areas are SLICED hair follicles from top view. Basically, if you flew in an airplane over a clear cut forest and look straight down over an area with some tree trunks, this is similar to what you would see -except, of course, this is under the surface of the skin!

In the animated sequence, the first picture is "before", and the second picture is "after". The third picture is the zoomed in version of that same "before", and the fourth picture is the zoomed in version of that same "after". ...And no, it is obviously NOT the same area in each picture because those areas were, well, BIOPSIED!!! It can't be reused because it's no longer a part of the subject, and it's in a medical waste bin (hopefully).

You are to focus on the RED (actually kind of magenta/pink, too) areas, because THAT is the inflammation of the tissue. If you do that, you will see that there is dramatic reduction of inflamed areas, and I'm assuming he found that in all subjects (but like I said, I'll get all the details and do a full article at some point!).

I made that background that retro-green color because of color science to help you see it, by the way! If you take the "complimentary color" of one color (meaning the opposite side of the color wheel), then that first color will POP. So, I took a sample of one of the red/magenta colors, found it's complimentary color (retro green), and made it so you can more easily see the inflammation:
Complimentary Colors
Color Science! The opposite side of the color wheel makes the original color "POP"!

This is the same sort of thing done in many movies, by the way, where they turn the skin orange and make the background colors teal:
Complimentary Colors
No, the original footage wasn't orange and teal like this! :)

I just mentioned that just in case you wondered why the blockbuster movies are always colored that way! It emphasizes the actors! Of course, they jack up the orange, and the magenta/red was NOT jacked up in the inflammation pictures.

Back to LLLT, many of you have seen one of my favorite animated gifs before that essentially demonstrate the same thing, although on a short term scale (vs. long term as in the study above):

Horse Treated with LLLT
Only LLLT can do something like this!

So, burn your hand?? Ice it, then shove it under the laser helmet. My wife did that and it worked phenominally.

So, obviously laser therapy does things that other treatments can't. Sure, steroids like cortisone can reduce the itch and inflammation, but it's temporary, fleeting, and we all know terrible for hair loss long term because it thins out the scalp. This is why LLLT is often enough for many people to get results -it heals the tissue, it stimulates mitochondria to produce more ATP, and as a result, "things work better". More healing, follicles can produce thicker hair, etc.

Unfortunately, hair loss can be a myriad of problems, though. Obviously, there is inflammation, lack of blood flow, androgens, sebum blocking the follicles and causing more inflammation, fibrosis and calcification, scalp tension, fungus, and a million other things that can contribute --and some of them affect certain people more than others which is absolutely why you can have one person respond great to a treatment and one person not respond at all. So, the idea would be to treat as many of them as possible (WITHOUT using minoxidil and propecia, by the way, and if you need me to go into that more, please email me!).

This leads us to the next part...

Scalp Massager!

Pure Therapy Scalp Massager
Stock photo, and no -it doesn't magically levitate. Look below for my animated pictures of it actually "in use"!
This next part comes from a FANTASTIC TIP from a customer of mine (who shall currently stay anonymous!), and I think it can have a big impact on us:

One of those things that people DON'T TREAT -but often instinctively know that they should- are the scalp tension and blood flow aspects of baldness. Everyone knows that people with slick bald MPB heads have tight scalps full of tension and without much blood flow. This has even been proven by an autopsy surgeon (will have to get the link), and there was an old treatment in the 70's and 80's (that has fallen out of favor for whatever reason -probably because of Propecia dominating the scene in the 90's) where doctors would block certain veins/arteries, causing the blood to flow more heavily though the scalp -and allegedly it worked.

The idea for scalp massaging for hair loss has been around for eons -and most people find Tom Hagerty's website when they are first starting hair loss research. I'm sure you've seen that over the past few years, a more advanced form of scalp massaging has made the rounds called "detumescence therapy". One of the websites that people often find is this:
How I Thickened My Hair and Advanced My Hairline with a Simple Massage Technique (and no Drugs) -jdmoyer​.com

There are people selling ebooks on the topic (and I may actually have one, although I have no idea where on my hard drive) and I'm guessing there are youtube videos on it (and Immortal Hair's Forum has had some discussions on it) -so if you really wanted to pursue it, then you could definitely find out how.

Also, many of you have previously found the original article from male​pattern​baldness​.net where David Hatch looks at hair loss from an engineers point of view. His page is unfortunately gone now (not by his decision -he contacted me once, very happy that I had it reposted [with pictures inline!]), but I have it at my [temporarily frozen and not-updated] WorldHairLoss site here:

The problem with scalp exercises, detumescence therapy, scalp massagers, et al is COMPLIANCE! Enough people haven't stuck with them long enough to truly determine the effectiveness!That David Hatch article is great and really lays out what is probably a major contributor to hair loss. It shows diagrams of how muscles are pulling your scalp tight (and this increases with age), and it's not hard to understand that it'd certainly be more difficult to grow healthy, strong hair in a tense, taught environment. Couple that with inflammation, androgens, etc., and it's a powder keg of hair loss whoop-ass.

Now, laser therapy obviously helps with blood flow -and probably relieves some tension as well due to the muscular aspect of it (and how some people, like me, experience D.O.M.S.)- and I, of course, always recommend using the niacin spray to increase blood flow as well. BUT... even though I know scalp massaging or "DT" would be beneficial, I don't do it! It's time consuming, somewhat confusing, and speaking for myself:
...laziness wins out!

I do definitely think it would help most everyone -how much, I'm not sure, but it still should be a "positive". Probably not enough for this to work on it's own --I reference the full myriad of problems again!

This is the "problem at large" with scalp exercises, massages, whatever, no matter what type... COMPLIANCE! I don't think that enough people stick with it long enough to really get an indication of just how much it will help us (although logically it SHOULD!). I'm not an expert on scalp massaging and DT --AT ALL. Not even remotely! ...but I know this from all the people that I talk to (and when I look at why *I* haven't done it): COMPLIANCE IS THE ISSUE! I think that lots of people want to do this, but wow, hearing the regimen involved, it's just not fun.

Ok, so where am I going with this? A customer recently clued me in to a possibly GREAT SOLUTION. It's called the "Pure Therapy Scalp Massager", and it sells on Amazon. Here is their official video on YouTube:

...but they don't specifically market it for hair loss, but maybe they should! I have had once since Thursday, June 23rd (so five days right now -and I've used it eight times), and it definitely is doing what I think, at least, is a big part of DT.

I am no expert on detumescence therapy whatsoever, but I do know that a vigorous "kneading" motion is done during at least one part of it. I know that "Nidhogge" has said that this part is difficult because it hurts your hands.

So, I have two animated gifs here that really show the extent of this:

Pure Therapy Scalp Massager Animation 1
A whole lot of scalp motion!

...and the closeup:

Pure Therapy Scalp Massager Animation 2
Close up, and it really digs in and gives a bit of micro-dermabrasion as well (which can increase collagen plus other benefits).

As you see, the scalp is REALLY MOVING. Those "feet" are really pushing into the scalp, and you can get it in a "good spot" and practically your entire scalp is shifting around.

The "feet" themselves are kind of "grippy" and flexible (the rubber feels like some rubber dishwashing pads I've used) and the little ends of the feet do at least a tiny bit of "micro-dermabrasion", too. How do I know that? Ha ha... well, I did a "scalp peel" with glycolic acid on Saturday after using it, and wow, I felt it!

Pure Therapy Scalp Massager Feet
Close up, and it really digs in and gives a bit of micro-dermabrasion as well (which can increase collagen on it's own)

Anyway, micro-dermabrasion ("wounding") shows benefit for skin and hair. There is no doubt it's really stretching the skin, too -which SHOULD alleviate the tension and promote blood flow. What's very profound here is that when I finished using it the first time, my scalp was an INFERNO. It was red hot with all the blood flow --and I instantly jumped in the shower and used my laser helmet to take advantage of that!

To my recollection, in all my 20+ years of fighting hair loss, I have never had anything cause this much blood flow (EXCEPT, of course, for niacin flushes -but that's a bit different!). I think it was so profound to me because of the combo of the motion (obviously) and the micro-dermabrasion (also obviously) together. It was just off the charts! The last time I did it (this morning), maybe it felt a little less?? ...but then again, I only did it for 10 minutes and not 20, so, that could be it.

Oh, because the feet are rubber and the thing is waterproof, I'm assuming that this could be used to help massage in oils -but I don't know, I suppose that could somehow irreparably gunk up the feet over time. Won't hurt for me to try it with coconut oil, though!

Here is the main thing, though... it's EASY. I can keep it right by my sofa, and I use it twice a day (at least in the mighty five days I've had it), 10 minutes in the morning, and 20 at night. I'm probably going to use it before the shower on my laser days like I did the first time, and I'm going to use it every night while I'm vegging out, watching TV.

The customer that alerted me to this also gave me the link for this study (allegedly in which a similar massager was used):

Standardized Scalp Massage Results in Increased Hair Thickness by Inducing Stretching Forces to Dermal Papilla Cells in the Subcutaneous Tissue

..and HERE IS A .PDF that I have hosted in case that page ever disappears (which is something that I've learned I need to do all the time!).

Also, he gave me the link to this article that has a video of a lecture on it:
Dr. Rei Ogawa’s mechanotherapy, Tom Hagerty’s scalp exercises and dermarolling

People are being pretty brutal with the study here in Immortal Hair's forum:
Effect Of Scalp Massage On Human Hair In 9 Healthy Men - ImmortalHair.org Natural Hair Regrowth

...but, I largely discount what anyone says on any forum because I'm a VETERAN of them, and I know what happens in them! Outright negativity, inserting motives that might not be accurate, personal motives of the individual, having their wives yell at them earlier that day and taking it out on someone else, etc. etc. etc.! So, look, do your best to find out the details yourself without any sort of sway from forums. They often truly can be terrible.

Plus, you have to remember that this DT treatment should be used as a PART of a bigger picture -not just the sole method! Some people were talking about actually LOSING HAIR at the 12 week point with detumescence therapy, and I have to say that this sounds like the point where follicles in the telogen phase would be waking up and converting to anagen -so, those telogen hairs have to go. People with MPB have more dormant/telogen phase follicles than normal people. Most hair loss treatments, even well-meaning natural ones, just don't work worth a damn so most people DON'T KNOW that yeah, when your dormant follicles "wake up", the hair in telogen phase just doesn't start magically growing again --it has to go, and it's replaced with stronger hair, which can take a while to surface and become viable, too, so you are talking about long (and UNFAIR!) turn-around times! So, I think that's what that is all about -and frankly, it sounds promising because of that.

Plus, it's doubtful that anyone that is already truly taking care of their scalp -meaning: scrubbing vigorously in the shower, taking the time to really rub in topicals, and using scalp peels- is going to experience much temporary hair loss from the machine itself like the people in the study. Reason being: those hairs ready to fall out would already BE GONE because of the vigorous activity you put it though! Heathy, growing, ANAGEN hairs don't just up and fall out (unless you're using minoxidil, of course. Stay the heck away from minoxidil) --the hairs that fall out are READY to fall out, and it's a sign that you aren't doing enough scalp stimulation if you, for example, scrub really hard in the shower one day, look down, and see ten hairs! Newsflash: those hairs had already stopped growing and were slated to fall out. It's just they would have fallen out over a period of weeks vs. one shower. Man, I try to take such good care of my scalp that at any time, I know that I can rub my hands through my hair and only rarely see a telogen hair stuck to my hands!

So, in summary, I think that the true profundity (meaning: actual REAL RESULTS from REAL PEOPLE --not just "studies") of scalp massaging is still a bit UNKNOWN because of the compliance issue. Hopefully, this scalp massager will help with that! I think it absolutely makes sense to use it, and I am definitely excited about adding this -but, I'll be clear: at this point I have no idea if this scalp massager, scalp exercises, or detumescence therapy will give me or anyone else noticeable results! I will recommend this to other people to try --and I definitely would like to see other similar scalp massagers! This "Pure Therapy" one is very nice: it's waterproof, looks good, rechargeable --things which we don't really need, and a device that plugs in, is ugly, and can't be used in the shower might be a lot cheaper! :)

Ok, have a great two weeks, and Happy Independence Day!!!
-John (O.M.G.)

Week of June 20th, 2016

Immortal Hair's YouTube discussion on fatigue and thyroid symptoms, and LLLT for Depression!
Orange Park's Kidsfest 2016! ...It's hard to have a bad time with tractors and skeletons!!!
Hope you fathers out there had a fantastic Father's Day! What's funny is that when I was a younger man, I always thought that by the time I had a wife and kids, I wouldn't be concerned with hair loss as much. I bet most of you feel the same way! Well, I'm here to tell you that there is nothing further from the truth!!! You will care just as much at 43 about your hair as you do at 23 --and I know all of you people out there over 40 are nodding your head in agreement right now! [...So get fighting NOW because prevention is always much easier than the alternative!]

So, Brian Simonis a.k.a "Immortal Hair"/"Caustic Symmetry" at Immortal​Hair​.org released a new Youtube discussion on fatigue and thyroid symptoms(and obviously the thyroid has a lot to do with many people's hair loss!) on his new site, Longevity​Post​.com. Check it out -he always has a lot of great info! We will both be doing videos together soon enough!

Get over it, Jacob. :D

Also, last week, more findings were released that show that antidepressants are completely worthless for treating depression. This is something that we have been talking about for a long time, and I remember older findings that showed St. John's Wort seems to be BETTER THAN pharmaceutical antidepressants, even if it only functions as a low-risk placebo.

So... what DOES work for depression? Laser therapy. Yep... that's right, I said it. Laser FREAKING Therapy! There have been several pilot studies that have shown that laser light (including red laser light) on the scalp alleviates depression long term and without side effects! If you needed another reason (or PERMISSION!) to enjoy your laser helmet, here it is!

I haven't compiled all the info yet (but will do so for a future article!), but you can check out...
Psychological benefits 2 and 4 weeks after a single treatment with near infrared light to the forehead: a pilot study of 10 patients with major depression and anxiety
Using Cold Laser Therapy to Treat Depression- Significant Improvement After 4 weeks!
...for starters. You know, to wet the ole whistle. Those were actually just the first articles I found, and Dr. Chuck Maricle (cmaricle@aixiz.com) has much more info. From what I know about Dr. Maricle, he's probably involved in the studies somehow (but I don't know for sure!).

This all ties into why people can suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder ("SAD" -rofl!). New findings are showing that light energy on the scalp cause the brain to become stimulated in that area -even though the light energy is nowhere close to penetrating the skull! All of that is so incredible! I'm sure you've heard that laser helmets have been looked at extensively as a treatment for Alzheimer's and dementia, and this is the believed mechanism. Your complex, amazing body is wired in a way in which your brain will respond positively to light energy!

Why did I mention Seasonal Affective Disorder? I did it for the few people out there that would read that laser therapy helps depression, cross their arms, shake their head in disbelief, and say "NO WAY, OMG!". Funny how once I mentioned that oh yeah, you know DOCTORS talk about how a lack of light can cause depression, all of a sudden it's acceptable, right? :)

...and to believe that there was that terrible, idiotic hair transplant doctor that fought with us in the forums years ago saying something like "Humans aren't plants. They don't respond to light." [...even though NASA and Harvard Medical School disagree!] In a fair and just world, he would have lost all credibility. It's not a fair and just world, unfortunately. Just look at how forums still worship the guy, and how forums have lost all the info that our generation of problem solvers provided. Helpful things like polysorbate 80/alcohol that could help most everyone are just "lost in the wilderness", and oh my gosh, people think that a 21 diode laser device might work! Yeesh!!!

Just as an aside here... I personally think that many pharmaceutical companies -especially in regards to both statin drugs and antidepressants- are nothing more than pirates, but please, if you are on any pharmaceutical drugs at all, please make sure to do all the research you can from all different sources available! If I was still on diabetes medication (remember my pancreas attack in 2011?!), I would still be on a death spiral vs. down to pre-diabetic blood glucose levels without medication. Expect videos on that once my Revolutionary​Anti-Aging​.com site is up! :)

-John (O.M.G.)

Week of June 13th, 2016

First full week with the new site up!
I finally got the new site up on Friday, June 10th at about 1PM EST -and I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I reach much more people because I feel responsible that there is still so much confusion about laser therapy devices out there! Don't buy lousy mass-marketed devices!!!

I'm, of course, a bit wiped out from doing all the coding. After all, I did this page on the back of a cocktail napkin like I've done all my sites! ;) Anyway, I probably won't do much computer work this week because I want a bit of a break -except for the fact that I'm checking my 404 page's tracker every hour and looking at the links from search engines that people come in on, and making sure that they are all going to the correct pages! If I see that someone ends up on a 404 page or if the link is broken from a search engine (which a lot of them will be for a while until this new site is fully crawled and the search engines update everything), I'll go to my htaccess file as quick as I can and set it so the link will work the next time it's clicked.

I'm also starting to get my studio ready so I can start doing lots of videos -especially my LASER USAGE PROTOCOLS! So, get ready for that!!! Yeah, my garage is about 95 degrees, but thank goodness I installed a window AC unit not too long ago!!!

Ok, stay tuned... this is just the beginning of a lot of good things to come!

Week of June 6th, 2016

Detumescence Therapy, and my birthday!
June 6th is my birthday, so happy birthday to me! I'm looking forward to a great birthday week of building the greatest laser helmet in the WORLD --the LASER MESSIAH!!!!

A lot of people ask me whether or not scalp massages (or "DT" --Detumescence Therapy) can be used with LLLT. The answer is a resounding YES!!! I am a huge proponent of scalp health, and although I don't know much about "DT" (and don't do it yet, at least -maybe I will try!), many of the things in my world famous "Laser Usage Protocols" address scalp health!

My "Laser Usage Protocols" are going to be the hottest section of my new site (that is almost finished!), and one you should check often! I send them via email now (and have for a few years), so if you have my helmet but don't have them, email me at omg@overmachogrande.com to get them!!!

Oh, and Detumescense Therapy would PROBABLY fit into the Laser Usage Protocols best before the pre-shower and shower steps on laser days. I think it'd be good to use that extra stimulation and blood flow to help with the LLLT!

Weekly Notes!

SPRING 2020!

Detumesce Therapy made easy with my wooden devices!!!

May/June 2019

I'm finally working on new articles, new videos, and completely overhauling my website this month! In the meantime, email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com to buy the greatest laser device for hair loss / hair growth in the world!!!

May/June 2018!

The "Laser Enhancement Protocols" document is *almost* to the point where I can release it to the public! Also, I'm finally over the backlog of orders due to me using up every single premium diode on the planet!

Christmas 2017!!!

Updates on the "Laser Enhancement Protocols"! An emailable .pdf version is on the way!!!

Month of June, 2017!

Updates to the site coming soon!!! Also, I'm changing the name of the "Laser Usage Protocols" to "Laser Therapy Enhancement Techniques".

Months of August and September, 2016

Exciting announcement --NEW .PDF INSTRUCTABLES for HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS!!! The first one is my "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction" -and I need to give a disclaimer, too!

Week of June 20th, 2016

Immortal Hair's YouTube discussion on fatigue and thyroid symptoms, and LLLT for Depression!

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