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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
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Laser Usage Protocols

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Christmas 2017!!!

Updates on the "Laser Enhancement Protocols"! An emailable .pdf version is on the way!!!
I hope everyone out there is having a Merry Christmas! [...or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate it!] ...It *is* the most wonderful time of the year!

I know I'm about a year and a half late on my public version of my "Laser Enhancement Protocols", ha ha, but I'm getting there --I promise! The good news is that I'm working RIGHT NOW on a .PDF version -an UPDATED version with tons of info- that I can email you! I hope to have that done in a couple of weeks (like the first week of 2018!). I will discontinue the old text version that I cut-and-paste via email. It'd be impossible to send this new version via a text email because it's just to dang MUCH INFO!

So, if you are a customer of mine (or even if you aren't) please email me at omg@​overmachogrande​.com to ask about getting a copy of that --you won't want to miss it!!!

NEW .PDF INSTRUCTABLE -“Laser Usage Protocols Introduction”!

I'm starting a new campaign to help illustrate and preserve every step of every treatment that I've found to be beneficial over the years (ESPECIALLY the ones that enhance LLLT!), and the first one is an overview of my "Laser Usage Protocols"! Click here for the .pdf!!!

Months of August and September, 2016

Exciting announcement --NEW .PDF INSTRUCTABLES for HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS!!! The first one is my "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction" -and I need to give a disclaimer, too!
[New notes coming soon -I promise! -OMG, Sept 18th, 2016] Happy August... and now September!!! My older daughter starts her very first day of kindergarten on Tuesday, August the 16th, and I just can't believe it -where did the time go! What a big day, and it's "refreshing" to see how excited she is about it! It's my wife's (the Laser Babe's) birthday later this week, too! I'll be here building the world's greatest laser helmet, though, and new content is still on the horizon (although I'm bogged down with some other projects first)!

EXCITING NEWS… I'd like to announce that I am launching my ".PDF Instructable" campaign to help illustrate and preserve all of the effective treatments out there that keep getting buried by shills in forums!!! I'll lay out every step of every treatment, and even better, I'll show you how to work them into your regimen (and tell you why you should)!

My first one already finished, and it's the "Laser Usage Protocols Introduction" --so if you want to know more about what that is all about, then click and read this full article and download the .PDF! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

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