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The Reason You Don’t Know ANYTHING about Lasers for Hair Loss…

Silhouette of a Laser Comb in front of a big pile of money.
Welcome to the "Hair Loss Industy", where obfuscation for financial gain rules supreme.
The reason why you don't know a thing about Lasers for Hair Loss, or the differences between "laser combs" vs. "laser helmets", why LLLT *still* gets routinely dismissed in forums, and why everyone -including you- hasn't been doing this for YEARS.

Seriously, you should be ANGRY!
The reason why you don't know a thing about Lasers for Hair Loss, or the differences between "laser combs" vs. "laser helmets", why LLLT *still* gets routinely dismissed in forums, and why everyone -including you- hasn't been doing this for YEARS.

Seriously, you should be ANGRY!
The laser helmets that we figured out how to make (and all pretty much all laser clinic style devices) work. It's very easy to draw the conclusion that they work better than any current treatment out there, and that is backed up from the many forum testimonials from hair loss veterans that have been fighting hair loss for years and have tried most everything in the book -most, if not all, from Regrowth.com. Not only do they stop hair loss and regrow hair, most report that it completely changes the quality of their hair to a thicker, youthful, more vibrant state -something that NOTHING ELSE can do.

Yet... you and/or your forum doesn’t know that, doctors still dismiss it, and people that sound like they know what they are talking about -and are in a position that they *should* know about it- are still skeptical.


I'm going to explain to you the answers to these questions, but it's a LONG READ. No pictures, no fun stuff, all text. ...And you need to read ALL OF IT very closely to fully understand this. If you do, you'll be on your way to understanding the most important lesson you are ever going to learn about the "hair loss industry". If you don't, you'll run the risk of misunderstanding exactly what I am talking about and possibly come out of this page with erroneous conclusions. ...And I want you to know, what I'm telling you is REAL. Most everyone that looks into this, learns what laser therapy really is, builds a laser helmet, and then reflects back upon their experiences agrees with what I'm going to spend a long time writing here for you.

The Beginning...

It all starts with a product called "HairMax LaserComb". I know you've heard of it. Yes... Time Magazine's "Invention of the Year", advertised more than just about any other product I know, and FDA approved for the growth of hair.

...And the GREATEST DETRIMENT to the fight against hair loss that the world has ever seen. That's because of the end result that it has caused -and continues to cause- in the market place, and consequently in the discussion of the forums.

The "HairMax LaserComb" is a little product that was released based on the success of at-the-time relatively unknown larger clinical laser devices that were showing great success with stopping hair loss and regrowing hair. This "lasercomb" originally consisted of one single 40mW or so diode that was split nine times with plastic mirrors. On top of that, it was released with something like a $700 price tag, although they've lowered it now and I think you can find it for something like $500 now.

This product did not in any way, shape, or form resemble the clinical laser devices, nor did it provide the necessary power that is proven to cause biostimulation, which in turn promotes tissue healing (and eventually what we are interested in -stopping hair loss). As a result, it's simply not effective. No amount of hype, advertising, FDA approvals, or awards bestowed upon it are going to change that... it doesn't give enough energy to work!

I wish this product was effective. I really do. The fact is it's NOT effective, and it's not just me and a few others saying that... it's pretty much the entire user-base. Just look around in the forums, I'm not kidding... at the most you only hear of negligible positive results, but that's a very slim percentage.

So, most lasercomb users report ZERO results -that’s not an opinion, that’s what the record is. More than likely, you already knew that. Maybe you never had it spelled out for you like I just did, but you still knew that based on what you've seen. Again, keep reading, though, because what I'm going to say over the rest of this "term paper" is very important.

Uneducated Consumers

The people that buy lasercombs aren't educated about laser therapy, either. The same goes for most forum members. That's not an insult -it's not an insult at all... It took a lot to learn about this stuff -it was one of the hardest tasks we in the forums have undertaken- and if a company releases a $700 product with FDA approval and is "Time Magazine's" invention of the year, you'd automatically ASSUME it'd work, right?

Well, it didn't work, so you know how *you'd* feel if you were one of these many customers over the past decade. These people spent a LOT of money on something that takes a LOT of time to use, and now their time and money has been wasted. ...And more than likely, this wasn't the first time they've spent a lot of money, time, and HOPE with something that didn't work in stopping hair loss. Since there isn't a true, easy to find "source" of information out there about what laser therapy actually consists of, it's only logical that those people would then think that ALL laser therapy for hair loss is a scam -not only the laser comb, but everything associated with lasers. As far as they know, a laser is a laser. Why should they think otherwise?? ESPECIALLY with the poor track record of minox and propecia -products that we've all have been told repeatedly are "the best things out there"- and the multitude of hair loss scams out there. Burned again!

Couple that miserable failure rate of these lasercombs with the exorbitant cost of this little one diode, plastic device, and this hurt us ALL. It hurt us all because it made people ignore the TRUE laser therapy machines that this was based on. People put the cart before the horse and assumed that clinical laser devices were just more of the same lasercomb nonsense. ...And consequently, the vast majority -uneducated about what true LLLT really is- chased and continues to chase the most promising treatment that *they* could be doing right out of the forums.

I never even paid attention to laser clinics up until about a year and a half ago because I assumed that other forum members' misguided opinion about laser therapy was right! That's why I'm a little angry, too, because I feel that if the "climate" of the forums wasn't like it was -especially five years ago or longer- we, or someone else, would have figured this out a long time ago.

Why there is such a SLOW learning process here to correct a wrong way of thinking...

Well, those people in the forums, including me, *didn't* figure out that there was a difference between the two a long time ago like they/we should have. And now? All of a sudden people are not only forced to play "catch up" to understand what we all should have known 5 years ago... people are forced to realize that, yes:

• Time Magazine and the FDA aren't what you think they are,

• an FDA approval doesn't have as much merit as it should,

• companies aren't necessarily out for your best interest,

• forums, whether on purpose or not, have been chasing away the best treatment that there currently is,

• and the people who you think would know what they were talking about -sometimes doctors or forum members with thousands of posts and have been around for years- don't know anything about this or what they are talking about.

THAT IS A LOT TO SWALLOW AT ONCE! Seriously, someone has to accept all of the above as true to come to this realization, and that's why this is SO HARD for some people. ...And that is why most of the users of laser helmets are on Regrowth.com. It's not because I and a few other pioneers of this are there, it's because we are all pretty much "jaded punks that thwart authority" to at least a small extent anyway, and this "non-mainstream" attitude embedded in our souls is what made us be more willing to understand all of this and try it.

Maybe one day our attitude will make us MISS a great treatment, but this time it served us very well and we NAILED IT.

Yet another issue on top of what I just said is that a lot of people have a tough time admitting that they were completely wrong and missed the boat on something, plus the fact that they need to suck it up and admit that WE -crazy punks- were right! Lol... That’s probably pretty hard to do for most!

A quick note about Time Magazine, et al, without going into too much detail: Man... the older I get, the more I realize that news magazines don't have any clue at all what they are talking about anyway. Whenever I read an article on something that I actually know something about, I find all sorts of errors and sloppy work. So, why shouldn't I think that about every article they write? There is a reason that a lot of young people would say "Time Magazine? What is that?!", and it's not due to the internet... it's because magazines like that have been doing sloppy, biased, and poor work for YEARS. It's no surprise to me at ALL that they named the "HairMax LaserComb" as the "Invention of the Year"!

"Window of Energy"

So, of course, it WORKS when you do the treatment in the way that science spells out it should be done. ...And when you learn and understand more about laser therapy, it's totally obvious WHY a laser comb isn't effective when something like a clinical laser device is. It's not like it's some big secret... it takes a certain "window of energy" to get results for any benefit of lasers, and the lasercomb just doesn't hit it. Why that isn't common knowledge yet is simply because of everything I mentioned up above.

If the lasercomb covered your whole head with the same energy it does in that one "line" so that you didn’t have to move it and it could stay in one spot for the required amount of time that it takes to hit that "window"... VOILA! It’d work. That would also be called a "laser helmet", and if they released that product instead of what they did... the entire hair loss world would be different right now.

That "window of energy", by the way, is pretty close to the range of about 3-6 joules per centimeter squared of your scalp, and after a treatment with a lasercomb... you only get about 1/20th of that. Look it up! Do measurements, calculations, etc. You have the power to figure out this on your own with the information that's available. And if you had to guess, do you think that both our helmets and expensive clinical laser devices with the results get in that window? You bet they do. That's the key.

We just wanted to stop *our* hair loss...

Man, look... don't be confused here, this isn't some big conspiracy on OUR PART. We are just forum guys that wanted to stop our hair loss, nothing more, nothing less. There was a clear learning process to all of this that started almost two years ago with me building a laser brush and DUMPING IT because I realized it didn't do crap. Those standard laser brush/combs don't work, but yet... we kept seeing newscasts and an occasional forum poster saying that laser clinics DO (laser clinic users don't post in hair loss forums, and yet there are thousands and thousands of customers. Why? They don't have to!). So, we wanted to know why one was working and why one wasn't. Well, we looked into it, were absolutely taken aback by the sheer amounts of positive testimonials and results from laser clinics. That went against what pretty much every single forum member's opinion was on laser therapy -including mine (although since we were looking into it, I suppose we were more curious about it).

The "Secret" Revealed!

We kept looking into it and we did succeeded in figuring out the difference between the two types of products, and it wasn't that the brushes were using weak diodes and the laser clinic devices were using magic, super-powered lasers that required sophisticated computers to operate. It was simply more diodes. That's it, that's the "secret". MORE OF THE SAME DIODES. ...And the reason it takes MORE simply because you have to spend a certain amount of time over one spot to get into the "window" of energy for lasers to be able to heal.

So, if you wanted to disregard everything about laser therapy that you know and start from scratch -which would include looking at forums, being able to differentiate between a lasercomb and laser clinics, reading hundreds of studies, looking at testimonials, and most importantly using your brain- I have zero doubts that eventually you’ll come to the same conclusion as we have.

Addressing the "Critics"...

I've got to say something to say that is very important to your understanding of this. NONE OF US have anything to gain or lose by this! I obviously make [the world's greatest] laser helmets. Also, a guy named "Nidhogge" makes helmets for people and a guy named "Mike" (or "[BLACKLISTED word/name/company removed automatically]") makes high-powered brushes for people, so they make money off of this, but they don’t hide that, and those are the only two. So, we aren't "changing the history" of what happened with lasermax to fit our needs, or fitting it to suit any sort of "agenda".

In fact, and I want everyone to make sure they don't take this the wrong way, and I think I speak for all "laser helmeters"... I could CARE LESS whether or not anyone else does this and helps themselves, other than the simple fact that I’d like to see others succeed and grow their hair because I’m a nice guy! None of us have any desire to push it on people, and the only time we "flare up" is when someone is being an idiot or being deceptive about it. We really DON'T CARE! We are nice people so we help others when asked, but that’s it! What we *do* care about though is eliminating the confusion about this, and making sure that the people that are interested in learning about this get a fair shot in doing so.

If you think it looks like we are "pushing" or fighting...

So, if it ever looks like we are pushing this, or fighting too strongly about it... I want you to really take a hard look at what actually is going on. More than likely, someone will be trying to dismiss the profundity of real laser devices -and, as a result, dismiss all that we have said about them, what SCIENCE says about them, and what the bigger picture of this all means. Then and only then do we stand up because it is our *job* to stand up and keep people from purposely or inadvertently leading others astray.

Even some recent words by a poster named "Jaydee" about what we are doing are missing the point. He was saying something to the extent (I don't remember the exact words) of how "our movement would be better served and we would win more people over to the cause if we did this or didn't do that". I cringed when I read that! He didn't mean any harm by saying that, but it's missing the greater point... we have no motives, no agenda, no CAUSE.

We aren’t trying to "win people over" to something that is straight up black and white... we are believers that people need to have at least a LITTLE personal responsibility in this. Why?? Because it does mean that you have to take a big step and realize that big companies, doctors, and forums HAVE NOT been looking out for you in the world of hair loss. It hasn’t been happening, and that’s a FACT.

How do I know?? ...Because of this laser helmet stuff! We found that this without a doubt works, and it will work for most people. Regardless of what any studies or forum members have traditionally thought or said, the people using these laser helmets -who for the most part are long time hair loss veterans- have had far greater results (a different BALLPARK of results) with this than anything else. How could that possibly be possible with the current "overall opinion" of LLLT for hair loss?!

Once again, what this realization about LLLT truly means...

So, like I said, "accepting" laser therapy is very tough for some. When someone figures all of this out, they will have had to come to terms with the fact:

• that the forums missed the greatest hair loss treatment in decades,

• that "respected doctors" who release videos entitled "Why LLLT CAN’T Work" are at the very least buffoons and at the most absolutely corrupt and evil,

• that companies missed an opportunity to make product that actually works vs. a money-maker with one diode that sells for over half a grand when it costs probably 20 dollars to manufacture,

• and even that people that say "you guys are hyping this up too much... lots of things work" are even failing to grasp this.

When someone understands all of that, THEN that person is ready to try LLLT! And the inverse of that is true as well... when someone has tried real LLLT and has had results, then they know what I just wrote is a FACT! Lol... We all aren’t just mind-numbed robots here, we’ve all independently come to those same conclusions!

So, yes, if a person can’t parse through this on their own... then I think we all feel that they aren’t ready for this. Yes, like I said... it’s a BIG STEP people have to take because it requires a change in your mentality. That’s why this took off at Regrowth and not anywhere else... most of us were already at that point and realized most of this.

Why lasers currently dominate the talk at some forums out there (when the people are EDUCATED!)...

In conclusion... the reason this stuff is popular and the reason people seek out our advice is because it makes sense, people have learned a little bit about it, seen the results, and they want to learn more about this. NOT because we are somehow pushing this to the top of the discussion of Regrowth.com.

We don’t care to do that, and if we did, by god... you’d know it! Lol... There wouldn’t be any doubt because most of the people that are doing these laser helmets would be quite capable of holding the hair loss world hostage -yet we choose not to do that. ...And that’s because we don’t have any motives to help anybody that doesn’t want to learn how to save their hair, which, if you actually read all this is exactly what I meant up above by "I don’t care".

Hey... you know what... we are *exactly* like the Freemasons! "To be one, ask one." Lol...

Failure of "forum critics" to grasp this and understand...

The reason I wrote all of this part is because the word "agenda" has been used a lot lately about us, as well as the typical "OMG or whoever must be making money off of this" or "these guys must have some motive or ‘end game’ with all of this". All of that is not only ridiculous (and I feel we have a *duty* to call those people morons) but it shows the failure of those people to grasp the most basic principles and the PROFUNDITY of all of this! It tells me that they haven’t paid attention to this ONE BIT, they have absolutely no clue what is actually going on, and more than likely they don’t even know the difference between a laser brush/comb and a laser helmet -and why one works and one doesn’t.

Those people... aren’t ready for this yet. And unfortunately for them... they have painted themselves into the hardest of all corners to get out off: they have to EAT CROW and admit they were not only wrong about the treatment, but they were VERY WRONG (and pretty much jackasses) to accuse us of that. I honestly think that less than 1% of those who are ignorant enough to say those things are man enough to ever admit they were wrong about all of that! Lol... So, as soon as I see that someone says that stuff, I write them off pretty much instantly.

Example #1...

I’ll give you a recent real-life, recent example, so you’ll know what I’m talking about here. There was an idiot ("The Natural") that wrote a thread saying that he was "sick of all the laser discussion" and that we talked about lasers too much, and he wanted the laser discussion to stop so we could go back to discussing natural topicals because this laser discussion was suppressing the discussion of other treatments. After promptly being called an idiot, he proceeded to explain to us that we were obviously part of a conspiracy and had an "agenda" to knock the other treatments off of the main page. Ok, this guy probably had never even really paid attention to a laser thread in his entire life. He probably didn’t know the first thing about them, had no clue about the 80-90% success rates of laser clinics, didn’t know that what we are talking about not only stops hair loss but completely changes the texture and fullness of each strand of hair, ignored and passed over every thread that came up, and probably thought that *I* was actually the one making the threads when I haven’t posted a laser thread in eons. He was probably basing all of his laser thoughts on very outdated views of what the "hair loss industry" and forums already told him. Of course, based on his arrogance, I’m quite sure he wouldn’t admit that (he’d probably say that he didn’t believe *me* about it or something... making, of course, him look even more foolish since he’s admitting his biases, his lack of research, and his poor deciphering ability).

That kid probably isn’t ever going to get over himself enough to realize that he’s way off the mark and learn anything about this simply because he’s in a trap from his own ego now. I doubt he'll ever look at laser therapy as a viable treatment.

Oh, I must say that I think it’s funny that this ignorant guy posted a thread saying there was "too much laser talk" on the same day that regrowthmaster87 -someone that is showing his merit by looking into this and getting curious about it- posted a thread saying there needs to be MORE information! Lol...

Example #2

Another real life example that happened this week... a new poster named "Bababooey" in his very first sentence in his very first post just popped on the other day and said "Sounds like this OMG guy makes money off diodes". Ok, so what are we to think about him? Based off of everything I’ve said so far, should I think for one second that this guy is ever going to amount to ANYTHING as a poster? Nope. Did he even miss that "this OMG guy" is the moderator of that forum that he said that in?! lol... Great job at research, loser!

But do you see the bigger picture? For him to say that... he doesn't understand ONE BIT about anything having to do with this. He doesn't know that all of this has come about from long-term forum members with nothing to gain or lose, financially or otherwise, by the effectiveness of laser therapy -except for our own hair, money, and time, but big deal... we've lost all of those things plenty of times with other treatments. I consider people like this hopeless.

Example #3

This one happened at HairLossHelp, and I’ll protect the name here because this guy is simply guilty of being misinformed and bamboozled, and not being proactively ridiculous like the first two.

First of all a little background. I go into a little bit more detail in a blog about this hair transplant "doctor" that is being discussed here, but to sum it up, he’s either a fraud or an idiot, and this is provable by anyone that does even the smallest amount of work. He released a video called "Why LLLT CAN'T Work" in which he does junk science and proclaims it as fact, and his "findings" are basically made up. It’s not my opinion or any bias here, they go completely against 40 years of research on the interactions between laser light and human tissue, thousands of studies on LLLT, and a scientific body that includes Harvard Medical School. His "findings" also go against the well known findings and studies on how humans are positively affected by sunlight (vitamin D, etc).

He claims that it's IMPOSSIBLE for laser therapy to work and attributes success with lasers to "natural growth cycles of hair". You know, like that 15 year one I had when I was balding, then stopped and regrew hair that just happened to coincide with me starting my laser helmet. I must say also that he frequently contradicts himself by changing it to "well... it's merely just not significant in my view". Well, you can't go from "it's impossible", make a video with reasons WHY it's impossible, and then say "well, any growth that lasers actually do is just not cosmetically significant to my standards". Ummm... you lose by default when you draw a line in the sand like that and then erase it yourself.

This doctor "sort of" made a name for himself because he was against the "HairMax LaserComb", and rode a fickle wave of popularity based on the animosity in the forums that I've been discussing. He lucked out, because I'm telling you... if you only believe one word out of my mouth ever, believe that he is a BUFFOON. This lasercomb was obviously an easy fight to win, so he never learned what laser therapy was about (he didn't have to), but get this... his posts show that he doesn't even understand the distinction between a lasercomb and a clinical laser device! Now, with the growing popularity of laser clinics and our laser helmets -as well as more forum members being educated about this- this is a cut and dry case of someone being "over their head". He's out of his league now, doesn't even know the most basic commonly known studies on this, he refuses to actually answer questions, he instantly defaults to accusing people that are questioning him as being part of an "LLLT Conspiracy", and he completely dismisses facts and studies... and when asked under what basis can he do this, he doesn't give an explanation other than "they don't hold water with me" (including all of the Harvard Medical School findings, I must add). ...And anyone with any sort of knowledge of LLLT can see all of this INSTANTLY, which is why threads that he posts on NOW are usually dominated with "What the hell is this idiot talking about?!" lol...

Ok, this is what was said by the forum member:
"I cant remember where I read it but I think it was [BLACKLISTED word/name/company removed automatically] posting about how laser treatments do not work! Big waste of money.
P.S. D. [BLACKLISTED word/name/company removed automatically] is one of the best docs we got and I already did not put much stock in lasers for regrowth after seeing what he posted it was just the final nail in the coffin. dont waste your time."

Do you see what I’m talking about here?? This forum doesn’t know a thing about this, and for him to start "believing in" laser therapy (that's so funny... that's like "believing in" gravity), he has to first come to terms with the fact that QUOTE: "one of the best docs we got" is either a buffoon or deceptive and evil. Do you think he's going to do that anytime soon?! lol...

...And all he has to do is do ONE OUNCE of work and watch this doctor's video and look into the laser stuff on his own -or even the studies on the interaction with the SUN and the human body- and he could figure out that this doctor is a complete incompetent FRAUD. It wouldn’t even take long to do that, but that's not going to happen, is it?

It really is the most amazing thing that I've ever seen in my life how people can be so trusting of others just because of the six letter word "doctor", and in this case it takes hardly any effort at all to see that this one doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

Mark my words, though... this doctor is a "has been". He's not going to be even a blip on the radar screen soon because history likes to forget frauds and buffoons. Why is he going to disappear? Because *you* are learning about laser therapy, and you'll be able to tell instantly, too.

Example #4

This is another typical type of post that I see, and was also done on HairLossHelp.com this week. The background is that a forum member had a friend that went to a laser clinic and got good results, and this is the response:
"Your friend is probably responding to the minox. Don't wish to be negative but i would never invest in laser treatment as i simple don't believe it works"

WOW, let me translate this and show the brilliance of what he is saying. He’s saying that while most of us over the past 20 years of "minox history" and 10 years of "forum history" have had piss poor results with minox, his friend that went to a laser clinic and also used minox and had great results -so it's obviously the minox!

Lol... 2 + 2 = a blinking "error" message there, and they can't even see it. It’s right in from of their face and they miss it. It's once again AMAZING!!!

So, those examples are pretty typical. What do you think happens when there is a constant cycle of new members going in and out of the forums, and wrong information like these examples gets repeated over and over again? You have the current state of the hair loss world and it's dead-ass-wrong opinion of LLLT. Just look around.

The last part of the problem...

There is, of course, more to the problem than the "HairMax LaserComb" and a problem in forums with ignorance on the subject of LLLT. This is an easy one, and the fact that I have this site makes it pretty self explanitory so I don't have to write but a few sentences. You already know about the ridiculous price of the "HairMax LaserComb". Well, what was the market's answer to provide a solution for consumers like us who have understood the magnitude of this treatment and want to get the necessary laser energy? Laser clinics that cost anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 a year, you don't even own the machines, and you have to inconveniently show up to their clinic two or three times a week for the treatment. ...And if you want to buy these machines?? Well, the top of the line will run you $40,000 and up, and those don't even compare to our laser helmets. Oh, and yeah... those $40,000 machines are simply made up of a hundred or so diodes that you and I can get for $3 a piece. That is why this site exists.

So, the extraordinarily high price point of REAL laser therapy coupled with people's already negative feelings on LLLT due to the "HairMax LaserComb" equals a recipe for disaster. ...And the reason why hair loss forums -the one spot that you would think would be ON TOP of hair loss information- missed the most profound treatment that we currently have access to.

The Final Chapter...

There is a "final chapter" about all of this, too, but I’m not going to go into it much right now. It is simply the fact that there is a CLEAR DIFFERENCE in the personalities of those who use laser helmets and those that are what I classify as "anti-laser". Man, I’m telling you... for the most part, the people that come out against this laser stuff (and accuse us of nefarious things) at the very least are total jerks! Lol... I know that a "jerk" often depends on your point of view, but I think that it would be clear to most people that these people often SUCK, and you wouldn’t ever want to have a beer with them! Plus, there is usually some sort of a financial tie that you can trace as a root of it (like the guy that used to plug the "Amazing Laser Brush", forum members that were longtime shills, certain hair transplant doctors, etc.) So, knowing what we know about the mentality of forums, the illegitimacy of doctors and companies in this industry, and the fact that people that accuse us of shenanigans are usually complete assholes and/or have some motive to do so... the "picture" of the people that are against this "laser stuff" really isn’t flattering at all.

And the people that are building and using homemade laser devices?? All pretty much cool dudes, and that's really easy to do your homework on and find this out for yourself. In speaking about me, if you guys don't see that I'm a laid back, chill mofu with a sense of humor... I don't know where to start! lol...

So, I hope you read every bit of this. If you’ve said some of these things before, it’s still not to late for you. If you got your ass handed to you, then do this: get over it! Get over it and learn something. Remember, we don’t personally care about you any more than the fact that most of us are nice people that want you to succeed... but we DO care about keeping this fair because we want to help those that are truly looking to be vigilantly proactive about winning the fight against hair loss. You can do laser therapy or you can NOT do laser therapy, but the days of "confusion" about this -the roots of which are the "HairMax LaserComb"- will one day come to an end, and I’d hate for you to be painted in a corner, unable to change your opinion because you have too much bad information and too much ego.


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