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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

I no longer endorse “standard laser brushes” (or devices with ridiculously low numbers of diodes, for that matter!)

Professional results are achieved via COVERAGE, and getting the proper energy to the area of skin below the diode! The inferior devices just are not supported scientifically (they can't get into the proper "window of energy"), and even more importantly... there is just NO DANG SUCCESS STORIES with any of them in the forums! All I see is a lot of disappointment and anger -and even worse, CONFUSION.
Professional results are achieved via COVERAGE, and getting the proper energy to the area of skin below the diode! The inferior devices just are not supported scientifically (they can't get into the proper "window of energy"), and even more importantly... there is just NO DANG SUCCESS STORIES with any of them in the forums! All I see is a lot of disappointment and anger -and even worse, CONFUSION.
To further prove that I'm rapidly turning into a "crazy blogger-type", lol, I thought I'd make this entry! Please note that a "standard laser brush" refers to the Hairmax, the Amazing Laser Brush, the X5, and others like that (five to ten 5mW diodes)... NOT the higher-powered Aculas or even Mexco's LED/ion device! Those are NOT "standard", and have much more power.

I've been talking about this for a few months, but I thought I would make a concise, to-the-point post addressing this, even though my entire site lays down the evidence very well and allows you to reach this revelation on your own. I've researched laser therapy for a long time now, and I've obviously devoted a large part of my free time to this year in order to help others reach the same epiphany. I've tried to set up my site to accomplish two things:

1) to explain how most laser devices -just like everything else for hair loss over the course of modern history- are exorbitantly overpriced,

2) and to show you there is a vast distinction between the power of laser therapy shown to have amazing results, and the power of laser therapy in "standard laser brushes" (HairMax, Amazing Laser Brush, X5, etc.).


I'm going to start by explaining one misconception here that many have (although *YOU* probably don't because you are reading this... yes, I realize I'm preaching to the choir)... NO COMPANY is going to BACK to the FDA to get "another approval" for hair loss for laser therapy, even though the clinical laser devices have shown -without a doubt- the most amazing results of anything currently available.

You must understand that point.

The reason for this is two fold: First, they don't have to. Take a time to reflect on the gravity of that statement. THEY DON'T HAVE TO. They can already legally say that their device is "based on technology cleared for approval by the FDA to regrow hair". You see evidence of that EVERYWHERE. Man, I hear laser clinic ads on the radio everyday, and it rolls right off their tongue, usually in the first 10 seconds. I can flip through the newspaper or phonebook (for those of you younger people, "newspapers" and "phonebooks" are primitive societal information-gathering tools people used before Al Gore invented the internet... don't worry about memorizing that, they will be gone for good soon) and see it printed right on the ads.

Second, and everyone that knows anything about this process will back me up, companies don't seek FDA approval for charitable reasons. They seek it either because they HAVE TO, or because it will help them make a PROFIT. They DO NOT get FDA approval to satisfy six or seven jackasses in hair loss forums, jackasses that don't even have any real practical knowledge about anything anyway. They are already making lots of money and have lots of customers RIGHT NOW. Also... what would happen if they seeked FDA approval? The contents of their devices would be revealed, and more people than just you and me will realize that the only differences are more of those same $4 diodes housed in ridiculously overpriced containers (undisputed fact).

Part 2

Laser clinics are popping up everywhere. Every medium sized city has several of them now, has had them for years, and all are claiming amazing results while charging extremely high fees ($4000 a year normally). Yet, there are no class action law suits against them and their success rates/customer satisfaction ratings are astronomically high. Man, the pictures that they show you are amazing! [I'll get to that more in a minute] Forgetting about cost for a second, this is, without a doubt, the most amazing thing that we can add to our regimen. Anyone that's seriously looked into this can't deny that.

The forums missed it. I'll say it again, this time in all caps: THE FORUMS MISSED IT. All of them. We are FIVE YEARS BEHIND where we should be on realizing this. It's not because people didn't post about it, it's because -with the confusion (and outright SCAM) brought to the marketplace with the underpowered laser devices- it was summarily dismissed and not paid attention to, went off the main page, and disappeared.

This, by the way, is just one more example of forums completely "missing the boat" on something for whatever reason, but I won't go into why forums can be such BAD places full of destructive negativity and bullying in this post. I'll save that for later! But know this... the information, the studies, the proof, EVERYTHING has been around for years, yet it was missed and passed up by the one place where you would EXPECT people to be the most interested.

Curious, huh. Yes, if you've understood the gravity of this "Second Captain Obvious Moment", you should frankly be a little angry and it should change your entire outlook on most of these people that have thousands of posts by their names. And if you are REALLY PISSED -knowing that you could have kept your hair that you had five years ago- then I've really succeeded! Don't worry, though... we have the power to change all of this.

Standard Laser brushes, at best, give poor results. I'm sorry, having a few patches of peach fuzz and maybe thinking your hair is "a little better" after spending half an hour or an hour three nights a week without being able to use both your hands is what I consider "poor". I throw in "at best" because you hear mostly "UNsuccess Stories" vs. "Success Stories".

It's time to be honest about it... standard laser brushes for the most part are abysmal failures. We know the studies back up hair regrowth, but why are the standard laser brushes failing so badly? It's simple math... they don't give enough power to help the vast majority of people.

It's been shown over and over again that to get real results, you need biostimulation. For biostimulation, you need a minimum of 2-3 joules per square inch. ...And you get BETTER results at 6-7 joules per square inch. You start getting worse results at 9 joules per centimeter than 7 joules (overstimulation), so we have identified the "window".

A standard laser brush will only give you a fraction of that. REALITY CHECK: If you are using a standard laser brush, you aren't getting the power you need. I go into more about that on my site.

One point here, to further lay aside potential confusion, the ONLY DIFFERENCE between clinical laser devices and standard laser devices are simply MORE of those very same 5mW diodes. It's the same safe LLLT, and in fact, you can think of a clinical laser device as simply a ginormous laser brush... it's just that it's so big you don't have to move it every 10 seconds like a standard laser brush, therefore you are able to get the required amount of energy in a reasonable amount of time. That's it... that's the ONLY difference.

So: clinical laser devices give that 3-6 joules per square inch and have astonishing results... standard laser brushes do NOT give that amount (maybe 1/10th of that) and have poor results. HELLO?! Are you seeing the connection yet? lol...

Part 3 - Prove it to yourself.

This part is more effective if you've actually used or been using a standard laser brush! GO TO A LASER CLINIC FOR A FREE CONSULTATION. I'm serious... find one close to you (there will more-than-likely be a few), schedule an appointment, get in your car, and go there. Let them make their case for you. Let them show you their pictures, studies, etc.

Remember, it's not MY JOB to prove JACK SH*T to you! lol... I'm not making a dime [I wrote this before I sold my Laser Messiah II, the world's greatest laser helmet!], and my site is geared more towards the people that have realized all of this and now want to take a course of action! Yes, OverMachoGrande.com is a site for "Action Men" (or "Action Women"), not for couch potatoes or forum trolls that don't have the drive to actually be proactive about this.

THEN, think about what they showed you. Think about what I've written. Think about how forums -that should be on the forefront of knowledge- are actually seemingly the "last to know" about this! lol...

And if you've hung around forums for a while or, even better, have experience using a standard laser brush, ask yourself why YOUR results or the results you've heard about from those things *don't* parallel the laser clinics!

My Conclusion:

...based on what I've said is that the results you can potentially get with a standard laser brushes just aren't worth the time you have to spend to get them. That's my opinion only, and if you disagree with me, that's fine, but I hope that you took the time to really analyze what I said. I have no motives to tell you any of this.

Also, this is important... I feel that in mid-2008, with all of the evidence, the studies, and the proof around us (and easily obtainable at the clinics) the BURDEN OF PROOF HAS SHIFTED! The onus is no longer on *us* to have to prove that clinics work and are vastly superior to standard laser brushes. It's up to people that may be close-minded or naysayers to have to prove it to US that they AREN'T effective! Obviously, they can't do that. Maybe they'll learn something by trying, though! [Doubtful... being a "forum troll" is a personality disorder, not the result of a lack of information.]

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Even as effective as they are, DON'T YOU DARE SPEND MONEY ON ONE OF THOSE LASER CLINICS! lol... that's where my site comes in!

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This may seem OBVIOUS now, but I re-upped this so you can read why I finally had to announce this!

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