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What a FANTASTIC WEEK for the “common person” like you and me!

This is an old article from October 17th, 2008 that I wanted to "re-up" and transfer to the new site. It's a great reminder that even DOCTORS that you think would be on top of cutting-edge hair loss research can still be relentlessly unethical (and idiotic). Also, it showcases one of the worst-of-the-worst in deception and trickery from a mass-marketed inferior laser device manufacturer!
This is an old article from October 17th, 2008 that I wanted to "re-up" and transfer to the new site. It's a great reminder that even DOCTORS that you think would be on top of cutting-edge hair loss research can still be relentlessly unethical (and idiotic). Also, it showcases one of the worst-of-the-worst in deception and trickery from a mass-marketed inferior laser device manufacturer!
Note from May, 2016, by OverMachoGrande:
Please, if you take anything away from my site at all, take away two things:

1) The hair loss industry can be terrible, and even DOCTORS specializing in hair loss (transplant surgeons, etc.) can be unethical, misleading, and/or ignorant (or "ignoramuses".

2) Most companies out there would prefer to "twist science" to fit their own devices that are easy to manufacture with a high profit margin vs. manufacture difficult to make devices that follow the best results from real testing. In fact, I'd bet most mass-marketed device makers cannot point to a single other style device that they made for initial testing.

Anyway, with the first part of the article, it deals with one particular doctor (who's name I sometimes mention, sometimes block -just depending on my mood and whether or not he's threatened to sue me that particular year [which he has in the past]) who is quite infamous from his dumbassedry. The thing is that he doubled-down on his anti-LLLT stance by releasing a terrible video about how it's impossible for LLLT to work (because it can't penetrate the skin or something like that -which is easily debunked).

Whether or not you think LLLT for Hair Loss is a good or bad treatment (it's a good one with the correct device!), you have to realize something here: if what this man said was true, then NONE of the THOUSANDS of findings from laser therapy --done and PROVEN by by Harvard Medical School, NASA, etc.-- would be possible! There are new findings released practically every week showing some beneficial aspect of laser therapy --none of which would be possible if what he said was true, and which disprove his entire premise over and over and over again!

This should have been career-ending, yet, to this day, this doctor still has a devoted, fanatical following in the world of commercial hair loss forums --a world that, while having it's "ups", has a tremendous downside relating to bad information, trickery, deception, fraud, etc. ...and yet, to this day, the TRUTH TELLERS are the villains. Makes no sense!

Yes, it was a FANTASTIC WEEK for the "common person" like you and me! We have documented, undisputed proof of outright fraud from BOTH SIDES of what is wrong in the hair loss world: the fraudulent, bogus naysayer "quacks" and the fradulent, deceptive laser device companies!

The first one was some buffoonish hair transplant surgeon that made a video entitled "Why LLLT Can't Work" that was an absolute SHAM with no scientific merit whatsoever, and the second one was a laser device manufacturer that took OUR DEVICS and made up bogus specs about them in an attempt to sell their own SHAM product. Both of them were caught in their lies and absolutely annihilated, and both had to hang their heads, wallowing in their shame in a public forum!

However, as much solace as I take in the fact that me and many others can catch these criminals red-handed as soon as they stir, I know that not everyone has the knowledge to do this. The "doctor" and this company have something to gain by creating CONFUSION and keeping you in the dark about effective products, and unfortunately WE as a truth-seeking hair loss community are the ones that suffer, not them...

First, as many of you know, there is this hair transplant doctor -and I use the term "doctor" very loosely based on his lack of research- that posted a video called "Why LLLT CAN'T Work". [PLEASE SEE THE 10/20/2008 UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG ENTRY!!!] Not only was the video debunked as total junk science (that goes completely against what 1500 REPUTABLE studies on LLLT have proven over the past 40 years) on the very first page of the thread, in the discussion that ensued he is now on permanent record for being an outright, lying fraud, as well as proving himself to be an extremely disreputable person with sociopathic tendencies and a poor character.

When confronted with the facts that exposed his shoddy video and destroyed his credibility as a researcher, he repeatedly attempted to change the focus of the arguments, ducked the questions, proved that he doesn't offer (or understand) any empirical or scientific evidence, and he resorted to telling despicable lies about the individuals confronting him with REAL evidence (he told many about me which can all be proven as false, one of which is that I fabricated the results of a very well know study -which shows that he hadn't even HEARD of that study. Embarrassing!). ...And the best part is that it's on permanent record for YOU to see, and any paper-thin credibility he ever had is now "gone with the wind"!

One thing he does do? MAKES MONEY OFF OF YOU! He has a clear interest in you NOT understanding about LLLT.

Second, and this is the "other side"... KONFTECK -a well know manufacturer of expensive laser devices (and was the manufacturer of the device that had the "Aculas" name)- has been absolutely BUSTED for false information on their site... regarding MY LASER MESSIAH (and other homemade devices)!!! lol... They even stole pictures of it from me!

In response to my request, they removed my pictures, but click this thumbnail for a screenshot of their page before they changed it and you'll see some very familiar pictures with some very UNFAMILIAR data.

...and WOW, they are showing a picture of an AiXiZ diode, and saying that it's like a LASER POINTER diode!!! What?! ...This is the same diode in the $40,000 Sunetics G and the MEP-90, which are professional laser clinic devices that the Aculas can't hold a candle to! These people FLAT OUT got busted with their dishonesty.

Here is the email I sent them:

From: OverMachoGrande
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 9:22 AM
To: sales@konftec.com ; info@konftec.com ; webmaster​@konftec.com
Subject: Remove my pictures....

You need to remove the "homemade" pictures on your webpage as they are my property. The pictures are here: www.konftec​.com/​html/​EN/​Laser​_Helmet​_comparison​.html

Also, I have to say that you guys are being very dishonest. You are inaccurate in describing the diodes as 2mW, and they are clearly 4mw output power -as been shown in tests. They are NOT modules used in laser pointers as you "suggest" twice... they are OEM grade, and they have a lifespan of 5000 hours, not 500.

This is the typical dishonesty in the hair loss industry that I've been actively campaigning against for a long time now. I'm sending this email at 9:22 am EST, October 17th, 2008, and this is your warning. I expect these pictures -the pictures of the helmets and the close up of the diodes- to be REMOVED.

Also, I intend to bring your deceptive actions to the hair loss forums where a TRUE comparison will be done, and I hope you keep this in mind the next time you consider doing something so ridiculous.


...And that is only some of the erroneous data about my laser messiah and the diodes I used. There is much more. Also, Look at the "warranty" information, too. They took AiXiZ's "INJURY WARNING" and put THAT in comparison to Konftec's "two year warranty"! Ummm... those things aren't even the same topic!!! This is amazing!

So, I feel it would be only fair to ACCURATELY do a comparison of my laser messiah verses their helmet -that WAS priced something like $4500 [This company, by email, claims that their device was never this price. I, however, distinctly remember this price point -whether it was from a distributor like Aculas or whatever- and I can't accept what they say carte blanche because of their dishonesty here. However, I don't have a screenshot to prove that one, too, hence this disclaimer and the strikethrough on the "$4500". I actually care about accuracy and honesty... I wish these companies and doctors did!], dropped to $3600, and now has dropped to $2112 (all in a recent timeframe)! Gee... I wonder why they felt the need to drop the price so radically and outright lie about the specs of our homemade devices?? Do I need to really answer that? lol.. US!

Do you know one thing that this company does? MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU! They have a clear interest in you NOT understanding about LLLT. lol...

So, this is the KEY POINT about both of these fraudulent entities:

I don't know everything in the world, but I DO know about me and my Laser Messiah, and what BOTH of these offenders have said about us is blatantly false, and easily PROVABLE to be false. So... if THAT little sliver of info -the bit about me and my creation that I know like the back of my hand- is outright deceptive (and I'm in the position to know that... it's ME. Duh!)... what are we to think about everything else they say??

Take it to the next step... knowing that fact, am I to believe any other junk videos/​statements/​responses posted by that "doctor", and am I going to believe what Konftec says about their OWN STATS, products, and efficacy claims?

No, and you shouldn't either. Unfortunately, even though both sides of what is wrong in the hair loss industry have been proven to be lying MORONS, the victim is still us. The people that are actually trying to save their hair are all hurt by this. The only "victor" of this situation is those that attempt to educate themselves about all of this. Those that have already done so about LLLT can see all of this for what it is and are unscathed, and I hope that is you!

Oh, yeah... and both those two "sides" are there to take your money, believe me! lol...

By the way, if you are interested... Konftec's helmet is vastly inferior due to coverage issues, and we've discussed this at Regrowth quite a bit, Here is one thread. Plus, due to the lies they've told about the Laser Messiah, I no longer can trust their stats. Perhaps I *should* do a comparison to embarrass them further. Until then...

The Coverage of the Laser Messiah is clearly superior to the Aculas helmet!
This is obviously an ANCIENT picture of the Laser Messiah I, the "DIY" type. The Laser Messiah II that I make is even more impressive!!! Want to see? Click here: CLICK ME!!!

...this should do. By the way, the thread in which we are "ripping this company a new one" is here: http://​regrowth.com/​hairloss-forums/​viewthread.cfm?​f=1&t=22065

In conclusion...

I've been scratching my ever-filling-in head of hair about how such a breach of ethics and charlatan business practices can be tolerated in ANY INDUSTRY, much less over and over again -until it's considered the "norm"- in this one. Until us... these people could get away with this stuff scot-free, and there really isn't any other sort of "truth detector". Why is that?? This wouldn't be allowed to happen if we were talking about refrigerators, automobiles, or vacation packages. The only conclusion that I can come up with is this:

Very few people truly care about YOUR hair loss, and that is the absolute truth. The non-balding majority of the world does NOT take you seriously. Go tell one of your non-balding friends that you are really trying to FIGHT your hair loss, and more-than-likely, they will snicker at you (or a revealing smile will come across their face). Your friends -and nonbalding people in general- do NOT care about you improving your looks. Next time you are at a bar scoping out chicks, I want you to look around at the other guys for a second... do you think that they would want you to have a full head of hair?? Hell no.

I really think that "overall mentality" of not taking hairloss seriously is what is at the root of all this, and it's carried over to the business world. People can lie (and call me naive, but I still can't believe that people can do that and live with themselves), companies can commit fraud... and usually no one is punished and they get away with it.

Well, I'm asking you to join me so that THIS STOPS. We are NOT going to let these people get away with it anymore. The only thing we can do is 1) don't put money in their pocketbook, and 2) bring the fight right to their face and in front of everyone in the forums.

Be safe out there, guys (and girls)... the more you educate yourself and the sooner you realize that certain doctors and big companies aren't truly looking out for you -and are actually the cause of the problem- the better off you will be!


UPDATE 10/20/2008:

OH MY GOSH. This has to do with that fraudulent hair loss doctor. According to Farrel, the admin of HairLossHelp, "This thread was removed illegally sometime today by an unknown person. It was not deleted by myself. I will continue to report on threads that have been removed illegally on this forum so that you do not think I was the one who deleted it." http:/​/www.hairloss​help​.com/​forums/​message​view.cfm?​catid=48​&threadid​=81966

THE THREAD IS GONE!!! I do know this... after pretty much accusing every other poster that was speaking against him of being ME (and I hadn't even checked the thread since Monday morning, 10/13), I was alerted by jdp710 by email that the hair transplant doctor said in perhaps what was his final posts, "However, I can moderate my own posts, and as such I ban you all from this conversation. I will not acknowledge your posts any longer." Did he remove it?? Is that an admission? Did he get someone to remove it?? I'd say that he definitely has motive, but probably not (I'll explain why I think that in a second)... even though he *was* getting his ass kicked in that thread and it was hurting his "professional reputation".

Knowing what we know about him... what do you think?? Hmmm.... who would want that thread to be gone?! Could be just some trouble-maker, I'm well aware of that -people are jerks on forums- but I can only think of one person involved in that thread that wanted it to go "bye bye".

But seriously, I don't think he did it -and my balls are way to big to be paranoid that this complete idiot is the mastermind of some conspiracy! This is why I don't think he did it: In the hair transplant doctor's defense... he SUCKS AT THE INTERNET. He doesn't even know that the things he was accusing us of could be checked -fabricating studies, getting banned from other forums, being multiple users, making money off my site, etc.- so I'd say his sucking at the internet is his best defense. His lack of "internet savvy" was pretty well documented! lol... Plus, Farrel said that it has been happening from time to time. So more than likely it was just extremely coincidentally convenient.

I know, I know.... you probably are thinking that "accidents" like that just don't happen, and it's obvious that his character and professional reputation DID receive what many would consider a "fatal blow". ...And now the thread is gone. But seriously... the guy sucks at the internet! LMAO....

Anyway, I'm trying to find the cached versions of ALL the pages, but so far, I can only find one that only has the FIRST PAGE. Farrel says that he's been backing up his site and he restore most of it, so I'll put the link here when he does. ...AND PROMPTLY TAKE A SCREENSHOT!

What's the moral of this story??? TAKE SCREENSHOTS! Do you think that laser helmet company would ever acknowledge that they published the info that they did without the screenshot of the table?? Of course not. It kills me because jdp710 reminded me that we should do that, and I never got around to it. Ugh!

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