Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss
Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

The importance of Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D) for fighting hair loss, and why 5mW (yes, I said FIVE milliwatt) laser diodes are GRRREAT!!!

LLLT produces Superoxide Dismutase -and it's time related!
It's weird... S.O.D. production is based on the TIME of exposure of LLLT! Not really the "power" --but you have to stay under a certian level, of course, to prevent overexposure.
Laser Therapy/LLLT is one of the best ways to get S.O.D. in the region, and S.O.D. heals tissue and reverses fibrosis!
Laser Therapy/LLLT is one of the best ways to get S.O.D. in the region, and S.O.D. heals tissue and reverses fibrosis!
"One of the truly unique characteristics of LLLT is that it has the ability to actually promote and enhance healing, not just treat symptoms. The irradiation by low-level laser light accelerates and enhances healing activities carried out by the body" -"Inflammation/Pain Reduction and Healing", Richard Martin BS, CLT

ALSO: "The SOD activity, first of all, depends on irradiation time, but not on intensity or wavelength of irradiation." -"Influence of laser irradiation on superoxide dismutase activity of human lymphocytes in vitro".

If you know anything at all about hair loss, you already know that propecia and minox DO NOT do a good job on their own with the "bigger picture" of what is going on and what has already happened to your balding scalp. All signs point to the fact that your hair follicle is being attacked by your body -as anyone can tell by the itchiness, the inflammation, and the resulting fibrosis/calcification.

While an anti-androgen like Propecia does indeed help to prevent some new damage by blocking DHT (at least temporarily), it doesn't do anything to repair the massive damage, inflammation, and fibrosis that is already on your scalp. It doesn't do anything to repair the damage that will continue to be caused by the DHT that *isn't* blocked by the anti-androgen, either (nothing but castration blocks ALL the DHT!).

To truly address your hair loss, you need to do more than block DHT. You need to reverse damage. ...And not only do you have to treat the symptoms, but you have to HEAL the damage. Therefore, one thing you HAVE TO DO is increase your S.O.D. levels.

I'll give you a quick background of S.O.D. that is by no means all-encompassing of the benefits, but it'll help you understand what we are talking about if you haven't done your research yet:

S.O.D. is proven to heal and reverse fibrosis -"Antifibrotic action of Cu/Zn SOD is mediated by TGF-ß1 repression and phenotypic reversion of myofibroblasts"

"Studies have shown that SOD acts as both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the body, neutralizing the free radicals that can lead to wrinkles and precancerous cell changes. Superoxide Dismutase has also been used to treat arthritis, prostate problems, corneal ulcers, burn injuries, inflammatory diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, and long-term damage from exposure to smoke and radiation, and to prevent side effects of cancer drugs. In its topical form, it may help to reduce facial wrinkles, scar tissue, heal wounds and burns, lighten dark or hyperpigmentation, and protect against harmful UV rays." -VitaminStuff.com: Superoxide Dismutase

"It would be ineffective taken by mouth since it is a protein and will be digested."-Answers.com Topic: Superoxide Dismutase

Ok, the first one is how this can directly relate to us, the second one is a typical description of what S.O.D. does that you can find in 10 seconds on Google, and the third one is important: I wanted to also spell out with that last quote that it's really difficult to take this in oral form. You just can't pop a pill because it doesn't survive digestion. Also, I don't have a link to this, but I recall that topical SOD is very difficult to keep stable so it doesn't last long. Therefore, chances are the products on the market will "go bad" before you are done with the bottle.

So... how do you create more of it? That's easy... You make your own body produce it, and you do that by lasers.

It's well know that lasers produce a radical increase in SOD in the treatment area (as well as systemically), and I have studies that show that in the left column over there. <---

Now, thanks to jdp710 on Regrowth, we have documented proof of what I've speculated all along -I'm on record a billion times stating that there is a reason that most brand new, EXPENSIVE commercial laser devices still use 5mW diodes when they can afford to use any laser diodes in the world, AND when it's in their best interest to speed up the time [but yet, they still use the same 5mW diodes that take 20-30 minutes at the laser clinic].

As the second quote in this blog points out, yes... not only do lasers produce SOD (that was already known), but it doesn't matter about the wavelength or the wattage... the amount of SOD produced depends on the TIME THE TISSUE IS STIMULATED! Strange but true... S.O.D. production is a side-effect of tissue being stimulated by laser light, no matter what the strength or the penetration depth of the beam.

Therefore, the longer you use it, the more SOD is produced. Now, what I'm about to say next isn't spelled out for us, but I am well documented in my belief that 5mW diodes are the perfect "trade off" of time vs. power. You still need SOME POWER for follicle stimulation, but you still need SOME TIME for all of the other "magic benefits", like S.O.D. as proven in this case.

ALSO, you guys know how I feel about "switchable zones". I think when you stimulate a large enough area at once but have non-overlapping zones, it has the benefit in some aspects of being as if you were treating the whole scalp the entire time without overstimulation. I do think that S.O.D. production may be one of these aspects.

I love being proved right about things. It's not like this stuff is HARD, though! It's right in front of you as soon as you figure out where to look.

Now... why aren't *you* doing this yet?! Remember, we aren't talking about a stupid little Hairmax Laser Comb... we are talking about something that can HEAL THE DAMAGE ON YOUR SCALP. Are you going to grow hair on a cue ball? No -you can't grow hair where the follicles are DEAD. But, I'll tell you this... you will *not* grow hair as much as you can -or save your existing hair as much as you can- WITHOUT A HIGH-POWERED LASER DEVICE. Period.

When there is a product on the market that makes true laser therapy for hair loss obsolete, I'll let you know. That day is nowhere close, and the best the "hair loss industry" can give us is propecia, a thousand different brands of minoxidil, and for the most part over-priced, under-powered laser combs. Oh, and tons of arrogant, know-it-all know nothing jackasses in forums! lol... All of that is laughable!

And I and countless others are growing hair without the consent of the hair loss industry and without products they endorse. Go figure.

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