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Common question, OMG… is this laser stuff for real, answered!

Read this article to see my response, and I try to cover as many bases as I can, and I think it's a pretty good "primer" for those of you that missed the laser therapy revolution!!!
Read this article to see my response, and I try to cover as many bases as I can, and I think it's a pretty good "primer" for those of you that missed the laser therapy revolution!!!
Cats, Cigars, Lasers!!!  Rest in peace, Sailor -my best bud!
Rest in peace, Sailor! You were my best friend in this life!
I get this question a lot, so I wanted to put my response on the site. This is a question from Destro at Regrowth (great name, by the way):

"OMG - got a question for ya!

I was reading your site... I want to build a laser helmet and building one is not a problem but is lasers for real? What kind of results have you seen? I figure giving it a try plus since there may be a discount coming from your source I figure why not if it works!!"

Here is my response, and I try to cover as many bases as I can, and I think it's a pretty good "primer" for those of you that missed the revolution that started at the end of last year:


This is the most amazing thing I've ever done, and I've been fighting hair loss for a LONG TIME... 12/13 years I think? I want to say this though... it's really funny re-reading what I've written to you here, because the things I'm saying have become "common knowledge" for this forum now during this past year, especially the past 7 or 8 months. But MAN... one year ago, this stuff was NOT common knowledge! It was all "unknown", and it's amazing what we've learned in that short of time and take for granted now... and if anybody took a 7 or 8 month break from the forums, they are probably like, "What happened?!" lol..

It's the real deal, and this is the thing... we've KNOWN that laser clinics have boasted great results. I'm sure you've seen the pictures over the years, and I'm sure you dismissed them like everyone else did -including me- in the forums because "we were told" not to pay attention to them, it's a scam, it's too expensive anyway, for that price I'd just get a transplant (but still have the same underlying problem), etc...

[My phrase "We were told" doesn't mean a conspiracy, by the way. It just is a statement about the often WRONG mentality of forums, as well as showing that a few wingnuts with a couple of thousand posts next to their name can still not even know JACK SHIT about what is REALLY going on in the hair loss world.]

Well, those pictures and the laser clinics never went away... in fact, they proved to be pretty typical, they started making the news, opening multiple locations in every city, etc. Those pictures are online everywhere, too. Studies have been posted that corroborated this, etc... it just stayed off the forums from the aforementioned reasons. [I'm going to do a long post on forums one day. I've been reading a lot on "forum mentality", and it's quite revealing how they function. They can be great... they can obviously also be responsible for "missing the boat" on the greatest news in a decade.]

If you want proof, though... don't rely on anyone -or even me- in the forums. Go see it yourself! Get out the phonebook, make and appointment, and go for a free consultation at one of those places, and let THEM show you the proof and the studies. Remember, those places have been around for years now, and there aren't any class action lawsuits against them and their satisfaction rate is off the charts!

But this is the crux though... we have NOW figured out what makes those clinical laser devices "tick", and what makes them have the best results -especially coupled with other treatments like dht-blocking topicals, etc- that the hair loss world has currently seen.

It started last year when I built the original laser brush. I started looking into laser CLINIC results, vs. laser BRUSH results, and -as you can guess- there was a major discrepancy. I then started looking at all the studies out there, and I kept coming across the same ideas over and over that can be summed up with these statements:

"Laser results are dose dependent. The optimal range is 3-6 joules per square inch, with a minimum of 2 being required to achieve biostimulation, and 6 is better than 3."

[By the way, we did find a recent report that said 7 was better than 6, and 9 was worse than 7, but you get the idea.]

So I spent a long time going through the calculations to find what a standard laser BRUSH gives... and it was eye-opening. It matched what other physicists, etc. have calculated -some on these forums- and it was something like HALF A JOULE ONLY after using it for a freaking hour, so you'd need to use it for something asinine like four hours/three times a week to get the power that the studies called for. I'll update the calculations page on my website before the world ends, so I'll be able to tell you exactly what it is based on the size of your treatment areas, how many diodes you have, and the size and power of the beams.

Here's the other part... I started emailing some clinics -and some other forum members gave me some emails as well, and we all found out that YES, the clinical laser clinics give energy in that 3-6 joule range. I saw that some recommended about 12 joules per week, split into three sessions. That, of course, falls into this range as well.

So, what do we know so far...

1) We know laser clinics give good results, standard laser brushes give poor results.
2) We know that studies over and over come up with "3-6 joules for proper biostimulation".
3) We know -from the laser clinics themselves- that laser clinic devices give that "3-6 joules" per session.
4) We know that standard laser brushes give a fraction of what you need.

I'll spell it out, nice and easy, on this chart, and like I said... this is may be "old hat" now, but half a year ago this was REVOLUTIONARY! lol... if you weren't a part of Regrowth at that time, you missed a lot and are probably like "WTF??"

So what else are we missing in this equation?? What still don't we know? I bet you already figured it out... the lasers themselves! What's different about the clinical lasers vs. a standard laser brush's lasers? How do they get this biostimulation??

This took some digging, as well. Well, long story short, here is the answer: NOTHING! NOTHING IS DIFFERENT! It's not higher powered lasers, it's not something we can't "get our hands on", it's not even magic... it's just MORE OF THOSE SAME, BORING 5mW DIODES!

This is also one of those things that are common knowledge now that was a completely startling discovery not too long ago! In fact, most manufactures now list them in their product descriptions (something they didn't used to do as much... competition? Regulation? I don't know why it is more "readily available" now.)

Oh, from here is where the "Essay" part of my site comes in and explains all about the diodes, and that they are 5mW/650nm. Then you look at the product descriptions -I have the creme de la creme, the Sunetics "G" on my site- and you find that it's the same 5mW/650 diodes. And AGAIN, add what we just learned YESTERDAY for AiXiZ, the manufacturer of our diodes... they are an OEM manufacturer of the diodes for many commercial models, and these are the same diodes the big boys use.

So, what does this all mean? What is the conclusion...

You just can't deny that laser clinics have great results, the evidence is out there and it's pretty much a no-brainer at this point. If someone disputes the evidence of the laser clinics at this point in mid-2008, then YES... what I'm saying is that they have NO BRAIN. The best news is that now we know the "inner-workings" of these devices and we can make them. That means that WE can have these results for only a few hundred bucks -and still less cost than most commercial laser BRUSHES (and the diodes should last about 16-20 years). So, yeah... this shit is for real! lol...



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