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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
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You want DIFFUSED diodes with Laser Therapy for Hair Loss—not dots!  So how much do ‘diffused diodes’... diffuse?? -Laser diffusion sizes at 1cm / 2cm / 3cm!

We noticed eons ago from our own experiments that "diffused" (uncollimated)laser diodes (with lens caps removed) work better than "dots". We also noticed that most pro devices remove the lens caps and have "diffused" diodes, whereas many of the mass-marketed crappy ones still have that lens cap, constraining the footprint and sucking away power.

This will help you if you want to see the rough size of a diffused diode at the heights of 1cm, 2cm, and 3cm...
You want diffused laser diodes to fight hair loss -not dots!
Guess which type my Laser Messiah II uses? :)
Guess which type mass-marketed crap uses? :P

Laser Therapy Diode Spacing—Don’t have a Home Depot but want to space or calculate your diodes like us? Look no further!

With LLLT devices for hair loss, diode spacing is CRUCIAL. You want to minimize gaps and overlaps to get more of the scalp into the "window of energy" for the best results possible!

This is a template to help you determine how many diodes you need to make your own DIY laser device for hair loss (or to help you better determine how many diodes you need on the laser helmet that I make -the Laser Messiah II!).
Gutter guard printout sheet for help determining the amount of diodes you need for a hair loss laser therapy device!
One of my worktables, and seeing this reminds me that I'm going to have to refinish it one day soon!


There are definitely wiring updates that you should know about if you are planning an adventure in Do-It-Yourself Laser Therapy / LLLT!!!

Jdp710’s Tennis Visor LLLT Device for Hair Loss -by Jdp710!

Jdp710's UBER SIMPLE design to help "get your foot in the door" of laser therapy! This was super cheap to make, and probably leaps and bounds more effective than most mass-marketed devices out there! Why? ...Because of COVERAGE!


Tennis Visor LLLT Device by JDP710
Simple. Gave him some results, too! Not on par with a professional device (which is why he switched to a Laser Messiah II later), but better than most mass-marketed junk out there!

OverMachoGrande’s First Laser Helmet (The “Golden Boy”!)

I have fond memories of my "Golden Boy"! Obviously, this was nowhere near as effective as my Laser Messiah I or Laser Messiah II -but 68 diodes in a moveable cluster is enough to get your foot in the door! Plus, this thread has some nostalgic value for me, so I'm leaving it in place!
OverMachoGrande's first laser helmet for hair loss -the Golden Boy!
Yes. Like I said, this was stolen by CHORE BOY! Give it back to me, man!!! I *will* find you! :)

The Original Laser Brush Instructions

This is purely for educational purposes! We ALL KNOW that you are wasting your time and money without a FULL COVERAGE professional laser device like my Laser Messiah II!
Build your own laser brush or comb instructions.
For Educational Purposes Only!
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