Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
Home of the Laser Messiah® -the World's Greatest Laser Helmet for Hair Loss

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Laser Therapy Diode Spacing—Don’t have a Home Depot but want to space or calculate your diodes like us? Look no further!

With LLLT devices for hair loss, diode spacing is CRUCIAL. You want to minimize gaps and overlaps to get more of the scalp into the "window of energy" for the best results possible!

This is a template to help you determine how many diodes you need to make your own DIY laser device for hair loss (or to help you better determine how many diodes you need on the laser helmet that I make -the Laser Messiah II!).
Gutter guard printout sheet for help determining the amount of diodes you need for a hair loss laser therapy device!
One of my worktables, and seeing this reminds me that I'm going to have to refinish it one day soon!

Hairmax Revealed - Inside the $600-$700 Hairmax Laser Comb (It’s SICKENING)

This HURT every hair loss sufferer. Why?? Because LLLT is a fantastic treatment for hair loss, but this comb was overpriced, less-than-spectacular, and turned people off of a great treatment (when done RIGHT, like with my Laser Messiah II!).
Inside the Hairmax Laser Comb -more circuitry inside your remote control on your coffee table!
Believe it or not, I was asked once, "Well, don't you think you OWE HairMax for bringing awareness to laser therapy??" What?! NO. I BLAME THEM for keeping laser therapy out of my regimen for a decade!

How’s this for results… [Laser Therapy / LLLT for Hair Loss with the LDS 100 Laser Clinic Device]

No minoxidil (which is TERRIBLE anyway, and if you ever are thinking about starting minox, please email me!!!), no finasteride, and no hair style changes -just RESULTS with laser therapy! Oh, and it's not done by a mass-marketed device, either -it's done with a professional strength laser clinic device!
Chart of LDS 100 professional laser clinic device results
Yet... this treatment is still largely ignored! Why?? ...because of the INFERIOR DEVICES out there on the market! Vote "Laser Messiah"!

Laser clinic dishonesty in reduction of times/week during course of treatment…

Don't fall for it... just like anything else, you have to keep doing it to keep the benefits!
"Hey", said the Laser Clinic advertisement, "Don't worry about it... you only have to do this treatment for six months/one year/whatever our most profitable time period is, and then you can only do maintenance treatments every blue moon after that!" [...said NO SCIENCE EVER.]
Doctor and Dr. Evil - Laser clinic dishonesty
Well... I wouldn't say they are "evil", ha ha... but I would say that it's a sales pitch. Now, the $700 mass-marketed devices with a tiny amount of diodes are indeed EVIL, though!

Sunetics Model “G” Complete Laser System

The $40,000 benchmark for laser clinic professional devices! ...and my helmet uses the EXACT SAME DIODES (and, umm... for A LOT less money! Ha ha!!!).
Laser Clinic with Sunetics G -the benchmark for hair loss!
Photographing laser therapy in action is actually pretty hard. The lasers BLOW OUT the picture very easily.

Long Term (1 year) Results of LLLT - improved hair growth and slowed further progression [with pics]

Treatment with LLLT over one year increased scalp hair as determined by scalp hair counts, patient self-assessment, investigator assessment, and global photographic assessment, when compared with placebo. Long-term treatment was generally well tolerated, and the results of these studies demonstrate that LLLT leads to durable improvements in hair growth in men with MPHL and women with FPHL and slows the further progression of hair loss that occurs without treatment.

Effect of Multiple Exposures of LLLT on the Cellular Responses of Wounded Human Skin Fibroblasts

Laser Therapy massively helps would healing: The results show that the correct energy density or fluence (J/cm(2)) and number of exposures can stimulate cellular responses of wounded fibroblasts and promote cell migration and cell proliferation by stimulating mitochondrial activity and maintaining viability without causing additional stress or damage to the wounded cells. Results indicate that the cumulative effect of lower doses (2.5 or 5 J/cm(2)) determines the stimulatory effect, while multiple exposures at higher doses (16 J/cm(2)) result in an inhibitory effect with more damage.

Lymphoedema and Laser Therapy -a benefit of LLLT for Hair Loss!

This study was brought to my attention by S Foote from www.​Hairloss​Talk​.com. He has a very interesting theory that lymphedema of the MPB area caused by androgens plays a role in hair loss, and this may be one of the mechanisms behind success.

Effects of Low Power Laser Irradiation on Intracellular Calcium and Histamine Release

LLLT/Laser Therapy hass been shown to have positive bio-stimulation effects on living organisms both in vitro and in vivo. Enhanced histamine release in RBL-2H3 mast cells in vitro takes place after laser irradiation. Because of the multi-functions of histamine, such as vasodilation, increased vessel permeability, increased endothelial cell proliferation and nervous stimulation (13-17), and of the fact that mast cells exist in skin tissue in large extents and accumulate at the site of the wound, histamine release from mast cells is probably one of the reasons for the effect of laser irradiation on promoting wound healing.


There are definitely wiring updates that you should know about if you are planning an adventure in Do-It-Yourself Laser Therapy / LLLT!!!

The Reason You Don’t Know ANYTHING about Lasers for Hair Loss…

The reason why you don't know a thing about Lasers for Hair Loss, or the differences between "laser combs" vs. "laser helmets", why LLLT *still* gets routinely dismissed in forums, and why everyone -including you- hasn't been doing this for YEARS.

Seriously, you should be ANGRY!
Silhouette of a Laser Comb in front of a big pile of money.
Welcome to the "Hair Loss Industy", where obfuscation for financial gain rules supreme.
If ever there was a "MUST READ":

Essay Part II - You paid too much / are going to pay too much for your mass-marketed laser device for hair loss!

I accept partial responsibility for this --I must reach more people!!! I will double my efforts being that the currently most common mass-marketed device out there only has TWENTY-ONE laser diodes!!! The price for that? Something like $700! Double that cost will get you not 42 diodes, but FOUR HUNDRED with a Laser Messiah. I can't stress enough that this is not a trick!
OverMachoGrande's Essay: LLLT / Laser Therapy for Hair Loss, Part II


This was the lead article on my OMG site for YEARS! ...It's as important now as it was then!!!
All laser therapy is NOT created equal! Chances are:
1) You paid/are going to pay too much for your laser device
2) Your laser device isn't/won't be strong enough to give the energy for professional results!

...or BOTH!!!

Read more for details!!!
OverMachoGrande sitting on a toilet, reading the paper, and using his very first laser helmet!
My original helmet, "Golden Boy" --stolen by a friend!
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