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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
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Hairmax Revealed - Inside the $600-$700 Hairmax Laser Comb (It’s SICKENING)

This HURT every hair loss sufferer. Why?? Because LLLT is a fantastic treatment for hair loss, but this comb was overpriced, less-than-spectacular, and turned people off of a great treatment (when done RIGHT, like with my Laser Messiah II!).
Inside the Hairmax Laser Comb -more circuitry inside your remote control on your coffee table!
Believe it or not, I was asked once, "Well, don't you think you OWE HairMax for bringing awareness to laser therapy??" What?! NO. I BLAME THEM for keeping laser therapy out of my regimen for a decade!

The Reason You Don’t Know ANYTHING about Lasers for Hair Loss…

The reason why you don't know a thing about Lasers for Hair Loss, or the differences between "laser combs" vs. "laser helmets", why LLLT *still* gets routinely dismissed in forums, and why everyone -including you- hasn't been doing this for YEARS.

Seriously, you should be ANGRY!
Silhouette of a Laser Comb in front of a big pile of money.
Welcome to the "Hair Loss Industy", where obfuscation for financial gain rules supreme.
If ever there was a "MUST READ":

I no longer endorse “standard laser brushes” (or devices with ridiculously low numbers of diodes, for that matter!)

Professional results are achieved via COVERAGE, and getting the proper energy to the area of skin below the diode! The inferior devices just are not supported scientifically (they can't get into the proper "window of energy"), and even more importantly... there is just NO DANG SUCCESS STORIES with any of them in the forums! All I see is a lot of disappointment and anger -and even worse, CONFUSION.
This may seem OBVIOUS now, but I re-upped this so you can read why I finally had to announce this!

The Original Laser Brush Instructions

This is purely for educational purposes! We ALL KNOW that you are wasting your time and money without a FULL COVERAGE professional laser device like my Laser Messiah II!
Build your own laser brush or comb instructions.
For Educational Purposes Only!

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