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Learn about LLLT (laser therapy) | Build your own Laser Device
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Laser Clinic for Hair Loss Success Rate Observations… 71% in the first 6 months, 80-90% after 1 year!

These aren't simply "studies" that happen somewhere in some text. These are REAL LIFE/REAL WORLD RESULTS!
Those are the stats from Dr. Maricle -one of the world's leading authorities on LLLT and hair loss- based on his observations and information gathering over his long, expansive history with laser therapy for hair loss.

This is key... those aren't STUDIES that don't translate into "real life". Those numbers are REAL WORLD NUMBERS from REAL PEOPLE.

Those numbers represent what is actually occurring in clinics with laser devices that provide the necessary 3-6 joules of energy under each diode to thousands of customer's scalps all over the world.
OverMachoGrande's Hair Loss Clinic -it would be the best in the world, for sure!
Hmmm... a possible goal for the future? What do you think... should I strive for my own clinic? I'm lucky enough to know some of the best minds in the hair loss world today, so maybe...

Laser clinic dishonesty in reduction of times/week during course of treatment…

Don't fall for it... just like anything else, you have to keep doing it to keep the benefits!
"Hey", said the Laser Clinic advertisement, "Don't worry about it... you only have to do this treatment for six months/one year/whatever our most profitable time period is, and then you can only do maintenance treatments every blue moon after that!" [...said NO SCIENCE EVER.]
Doctor and Dr. Evil - Laser clinic dishonesty
Well... I wouldn't say they are "evil", ha ha... but I would say that it's a sales pitch. Now, the $700 mass-marketed devices with a tiny amount of diodes are indeed EVIL, though!

Sunetics Model “G” Complete Laser System

The $40,000 benchmark for laser clinic professional devices! ...and my helmet uses the EXACT SAME DIODES (and, umm... for A LOT less money! Ha ha!!!).
Laser Clinic with Sunetics G -the benchmark for hair loss!
Photographing laser therapy in action is actually pretty hard. The lasers BLOW OUT the picture very easily.

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